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How to Organize a Small Child’s Closet: 8 Kid’s Closet Tips

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Jan 13, 2023

If you have children, you know how difficult staying organized can be. You can help them out by organizing their bedroom closet with them and adding storage features that they can use as they grow. This presents a unique challenge because kid’s rooms will have much, much smaller closet spaces than you may be used to. So, how do you best organize a small closet for your child? Check out our tips to help you maximize all the space available and teach your child valuable lessons about organization that they can use throughout their life.

Clean Up Clutter

The first step in organizing a child’s closet is the same as organizing any space – cleaning up the clutter. Take everything in the closet out and sort it into three piles, one for keeping, another for donating, and one for trash. This is a step in how to organize a small closet for a kid’s room you’ll want to repeat every few years. Kids grow fast, and their interests will change. There will probably be clothes that don’t fit them anymore, toys they don’t want to play with anymore, and other things they’ve outgrown.

Let Your Kids Help

Letting your child participate in the cleaning and organization process will help them understand why they should get rid of items they don’t want or need anymore and how it creates space for the things they do want now. It’ll also give you the opportunity to teach them some life skills; not only about how to organize a small closet but about being organized in general. Additionally, letting kids help will give them a sense of pride in getting their closet organized, and they’ll feel more responsible for keeping it that way.

Keep Your Child’s Height in Mind

Another challenge when attempting to organize a small closet for a child is making sure everything is kept well within their reach. A child’s closet is already small as it is, but the space you realistically have to work with might be even smaller because your kid won’t be able to reach to access every part of it. Organize with this in mind and use things like fabric bins with handles that kids can easily take in and out, along with low-hanging rods that they will have no problem accessing. If you know how to organize a small closet for children, you know how to keep everything kid friendly.

Sort by Color

Sorting clothes by color is an organizational technique that makes a lot of sense if you need to organize a small closet for a child’s room. It provides a very easy and visual way for your kid to understand where they can find clothes on their own and where to put them back.

Create a Closet that Grows as Your Child Does 

When organizing your kid’s closet, you should incorporate adjustable features that can keep up with your child as they grow, and their interests change. You can’t expect them to have the same kinds of clothing, toys, and other items from one year to the next, so avoid built-in storage options that will lock you into a design. Instead, go with adjustable shelving and hanging rods that can create a modular space.

Utilize Shelving Space for Both Décor & Clothing Storage

Mastering the different ways shelving space can be used is important if you want to know how to organize a small closet for a kid’s room. In addition to their clothes, shelves can be used to store toys, books, stuffed animals, blankets, and a host of other items. We recommend putting things your child uses often on shelving so they’re easily accessible and your child can immediately see where they are when they open their closet.

Don’t Forget Drawers

Drawers are a must in a child’s closet. They’re a great space for kids to practice keeping their clothing neatly folded and organized because drawers have some structure and rigidity to them. If you want, you can even teach your children how to fold their clothes in a certain way that allows them to stand upright in the drawer rather than being stacked. This will allow them to see everything at once without having to rummage through the drawer.

Keep It Easy

When you’re coming up with ideas for how to organize a small closet for children, you want to make sure that the final product won’t be too complex for them to understand. Additionally, while there are a variety of closet features you’d love in your closet, like valet rods, hidden laundry hampers, wardrobe lifts, and others, your kids might not appreciate them as much. So, keep it simple and make it easy to maintain.

Now, you should have a much better idea of how to organize a small closet for your child’s bedroom. If you’ve been inspired to transform your kid’s closet into a space they’ll use more effectively, Closet America can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your vision to life and improve your child’s organizational skills!

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