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Custom Entertainment Centers Bring Your Media—and Your Family—Together

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 15, 2016

A beautiful, organized, and inviting entertainment center can create a destination for adults and kids alike, helping you spend more quality time together.

When I was growing up, entertainment was a family experience. On Friday nights my parents would make popcorn and we would gather around the television to watch one of our favorite movies on VHS. My sister and I would do our homework in the family room while listening to old albums, getting up every 30 minutes to turn the record over and carefully place the stylus on the vinyl. And on Sunday afternoons, we would all ride our bikes to the movie theater in town to catch a matinee.

Today, we have nearly limitless entertainment options  in the comfort of our own homes, giving us instant access to movies, TV shows, music, and video games. With more choices of what to watch, listen to, and play than ever before (and more ways to watch, listen to, and play them), entertainment has become a constant presence in our lives. The average adult now spends four hours listening to music each day and almost 3 hours watching television. Children watch a full 35 hours of television each week, with much of that spent on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Meanwhile, playing video games is now a nearly universal activity amongst young people, and adults are increasingly getting in on the action.

With more high-quality content than ever before, it’s natural for people of all ages to want to enjoy it. Often, however, we enjoy it alone on our own personal devices, removing one of the most powerful qualities of entertainment: its ability to bring people together. By creating a beautiful, organized, and inviting entertainment center, you can create a destination for adults and kids alike, helping you spend more quality time together, and turn entertainment into a family experience once again.

Entertainment Center Challenges

Most families have some type of entertainment center in their home already. However, modern entertainment technologies can make it difficult to  contain an unruly mess of TV streaming equipment, gaming systems, sound systems, DVDs, and CDs, and the results can be less than ideal. While there’s a wide variety of ready-made entertainment systems to choose from, they often don’t quite fit your space (or your stuff), and you are left with something that looks more like a messy game room than a warm, inviting gathering place for your family.  As a result, your kids would rather play XBox in their room,  you might listen to music in the kitchen, and your partner retreats to their office to watch a show. Even though you would prefer to be all together, you lack the welcoming, organized space to make it happen.

Creating Beautiful, Comfortable Spaces

Which is, of course, where you need a custom-designed entertainment center to come in. Personalized entertainment centers can be tailored to your specifications. Do you have a vast collection of video games you want tucked away out of sight? A massive stereo system that should be hidden, but easily accessible? Do you want to proudly display your impressive collection of vinyl records or multiple generations of Nintendo consoles? We find out exactly what your storage needs are, and create a solution that fits them perfectly.

We also believe that entertainment centers should be as beautiful as they are functional. After all, the point is to create a comfortable, welcoming space where your family can relax and spend time together. Your entertainment center should be in line with the overall look and feel of your home, which is why we offer a diverse array of materials and finishing touches, letting you pick the elements that fit your home and your personal taste.

  • A variety of finishes: Choose the ideal color match for the furniture in your room.

  • A choice between solid or glass cabinetry doors: Display the contents of your shelves, or keep them neatly hidden from view.

  • Ambient under-shelf lighting: Create a warm and cozy mood with integrated lighting.

  • Decorative crown moulding and cabinet door styles: Enhance the character of your entertainment center with stylish touches.

Whatever your design preferences, we can create a beautiful and practical solution for all your entertainment center needs. So instead of sitting in front of individual screens, tucked away in bedrooms and offices, your family can enjoy movie nights, gaming, your favorite tv shows, and the latest music together, helping you connect not just with media, but with each other.

Closet America is the D.C. area’s leading creator of custom-made designer media center, closet, office, garage, and pantry storage spaces. Our experienced team of designers and engineers help create unique solutions that are customized with your needs in mind. Connect with us today to learn more!


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