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Closet Space Saving Ideas for Tiny DC Apartments

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 15, 2019

Only you know what you want to store and how you want to organize it, but a design expert can help you turn your closet space saving ideas into reality.

Do people “mistake” your whole apartment for the closet? Let them joke. They may not know the satisfaction that comes from living in the center of things—and it’s Washington, DC, one of the most central locations on the planet. You probably get from home to work faster than your commuter colleagues get from home to their train stations, and you spend your days and evenings surrounded by the things tourists pay big money to come and see. Some of us get that. But before you write off your cheeky visitors as country folk, let’s look at things from their point of view.

Does your apartment look and feel like one big, messy closet? It doesn’t have to. One of the biggest challenges of living in a small space is finding places for all your possessions (and keeping them there). You may need some closet space saving ideas to keep the rest of the apartment looking urbane. Closet America can help with that.

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Closet Space Saving Ideas for Homes of Every Size 

The right organization system, built to house your things in particular, can transform your living space. If you aren’t using your closet space from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, with no gaping holes in the middle, you need to customize. Simply using all of your storage space as efficiently as you can will make a big difference in any home. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

Adjustable shelves.  Make neat piles of your possessions and place them on a shelf with just enough room above them to reach in a grab them. It’s easy when you can move your shelves up and down. Then you can position your things on them so that the most important items are right in front of you and the things you rarely use are on the periphery. They should be strong, too, to hold anything you choose to put on them.

Custom drawers and baskets. Drawers can be highly customized—not just by size, but with internal compartments to hold jewelry or other small items perfectly. It’s a good idea to plan the contents of your drawers in advance so to get the right number of them in the right size. Keep baskets in mind too. Although they work the same way, they have a big difference: you can see into baskets without having to open them first. There are times when that is a big timesaver, and times when you’d rather not; it’s important to choose their function accordingly.

Shoe shelves. No matter how you store your shoes now, once you install some shoe shelves,  you’re going to think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread—and it just might be true. Angled shelves with chrome accents to keep shoes together and in pairs, and in the order you want them in—and they’re amazingly efficient space-savers, to boot.

Extendables. Keep your ties, scarves, and belts looking nice and out of the way until you want them by storing them in the gaps between bigger components. Slide-out racks take up minimal space and provide protection for these small items. That’s not all you can hide in your closet, though! Give your clunky ironing board to the thrift shop and install a foldout board in the closet. It can live next to the pullout hamper. While we’re tucking things away in there, put that inaccessible space close to the ceiling to good use by installing a wardrobe lift. It’s a clothes rod that pulls down and out when you need it, then returns to the top of the closet. It frees up a lot of space below your hanging items. 

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Once your basic storage requirements are out of the way, you will be able to embrace the tiny apartment life with new enthusiasm. You might find yourself eyeing a wall bed, and if you work in your tiny apartment too, you will definitely benefit from customizing your workspace.

Bringing Your Ideal Closet Space to Life in DC

Only you know what you want to store and how you want to organize it, but a design expert can help you turn your closet space saving ideas into reality. You can make an appointment for a free design consultation with a Closet America designer to discuss your organizational needs and how to meet them. You will be able to see your options modeled with 3D CAD technology, too. Closet America is a locally owned company that knows the DC lifestyle and the people who live it. We make all of our pieces by hand to your exact specifications in Landover, MD, and install them in your home ourselves, and guarantee them with a transferrable warranty.

If you are ready to make your tiny apartment more beautiful and livable, please contact Closet America today to get started.


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