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Accessorizing a Walk-in Closet or Wardrobe for Men: Belt Hangers, Hooks, Men’s Tie Racks, Storage, and More

2 minute read, by Closet America, on May 24, 2022

Let’s be honest – women seem to care about the style and organization of their closet spaces a lot more than men typically do. Even the most stylish men can have difficulty figuring out a closet system that works well for them and their wardrobe. However, at Closet America, we think everyone should have an amazing closet that’s packed with functionality and design. A closet space like this helps you stay organized and will make putting together an outfit quick and easy. Everything you need will be readily accessible and will have its own dedicated space. A closet like this isn’t complete without accessories like belt hangers, tie racks, and more to help men store the finishing touches on their outfits. Read onto discover why your closet needs these accessories now!

Belt Hooks

A belt hook (or belt hanger) for closet organization is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a hook specifically designed for hanging belts via the open space on the belt buckle. We consider these accessories to be a necessity for any man’s closet. While they are often used interchangeably, belt hangers for closet organization are often much larger and can accommodate more belts than belt hooks.

There are several different types of belt hangers for closet organization you should consider. Some belt hooks can be mounted directly on to the wall, others onto a larger storage system. Some can even hang from the closet rod. The right belt hook for closet use will depend on how much closet space you have available.

Tie Rack

A men’s tie rack is a must-have for any business professional. It provides a convenient place to store what’s likely a collection of ties that’s always growing and prevents them from getting wrinkled or otherwise damaged. Men’s tie storage solutions like a tie rack display every tie neatly so you can quickly see all your options and decide which best matches your outfit without having to sift through a drawer.

Like belt hangers for closet organization, a men’s tie rack is an essential closet accessory that every man should consider adding to their closet.

Pant Rack

All too often, men will properly iron, steam, and store their dress shirts but will neglect to show the same level of care to their pants. While you certainly can hang them up alongside your shirts using hangers, having a dedicated pants rack is much more convenient. A pants rack will free up more of that prime real estate on your closet rod and won’t take up that much space while still allowing you to store your pants neatly, so they don’t crease or wrinkle. Consider having your belt hook for closet use close to your pants rack for added convenience.


In addition to tie storage, a pants rack, and belt hangers for closet organization, you should also reserve general storage space for other important elements of your wardrobe like hats, scarves, and handkerchiefs.


A safe allows you to confidently store the most prized items of your wardrobe like watches, jewelry, sunglasses, and designer pieces you (literally) can’t afford to lose.

Inspired to upgrade your existing closet space with these neat accessories? Or maybe you want a custom storage solution that’s built for you. Regardless, the organizational experts at closet America are here to take care of your needs. From belt hangers for closet organization and tie racks to hide-away hampers and so much more, we can outfit your closet with everything you could ever dream of and more. Contact us to learn more today!

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