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How to Upgrade Your Reach In Closets With Custom Built In Storage Systems

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Dec 18, 2018

You don’t always need a lot of space for storage purposes, especially when you have an efficient built-in system installed in your reach-in closet.

You don’t always need a lot of space for storage purposes, especially when you have an efficient built-in system installed in your reach-in closet. As a matter of fact, sometimes you can be glad your closet is a reach-in, as there are areas in your home where space is at a premium. Let’s look at a few of these, how to update a closet, and at the ways a Closet America custom closet design can maximize the space in your reach-in closet.

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Reach In Closets Can Benefit From Built In Custom Closet Design

The Kids’ Room

When the floor is the designated play area, and the toy selection is many times larger than the wardrobe choices, you need a reach-in closet with creative and flexible storage options. Children’s clothes tend to be folded and stacked, rather than ironed and hung, so a small rack can handle the dress-up options and outerwear. Closet America’s wardrobe lifts are ideal for this purpose. They’ll keep the tiny dresses and slacks crisp and far up out of the way of potentially messy little hands.

The far more important teddy bears and toys can live on easily accessible and conveniently arranged shelves and small stuff—blocks, toy cars, and so on—or games with many pieces that have to remain together can be kept in drawers. Other shelves, maybe higher up, can hold clothes and drawers can hold socks and underwear. You may even want to have a pull-out hamper in one corner for your own organizational ease.

Our closet designs are safe as well as tough, with high-quality components and features like shelves that lock into place to give you peace of mind. You’ll find this arrangement continues to work well as your children grow. Even most teenagers have more foldable clothing than hangable, and lots of stuff that you’d rather have them keep in drawers and on shelves than in piles in the open. Closet America’s durable systems all have adjustable shelving, so nothing is too odd to fit into them.

The Bathroom/Linen Closet

Here too, organization is key, rather than space. Adjustable shelves are a godsend for enabling compact storage. You’ll be amazed at how many stacks of sheets and towels you can store on shelves that allow you just to reach in, without excess space between them. You might want a built-in hamper here too. You can put all the space to use from floor to ceiling, with winter blankets up high when not in use.

Drawers will keep the little stuff in order. Keep in mind that Closet America offers sturdy pull-out chrome baskets as well that can help you find what you need at a glance. Customization offers many design options. You may choose to have your shelves slightly inset, for example, to allow for an over-the-door organizer in your closet as well. On the other hand, a louvered door may add the design touch you’re looking for, and we can do that for you too. If the lighting is limited where the closet is located, have LED lights installed in the closet system.

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The Entryway/Hallway Closet

The hall closet is a sore spot in many homes. It is probably the one reach-in closet that you really do wish was larger and the one you typically want to keep in order, as guests are likely to use this space as well as family members. But instead of knocking down walls, let’s think about closet features that can be scaled for use here.

As a rule, we recommend storing coats, shoes, and small items (hats, gloves, umbrellas) in entryway closets. The most efficient storage is created by creating a maximally compact system. Every family is different, and your ratio of hats and gloves to coats will not be the same as your neighbor’s, or the same year to year, as your children grow and your entertaining habits change. That’s why flexibility is as important as durability here.

A column of narrow shelves from floor to ceiling along one side of the closet may suit your needs. You might also want a drawer or two for small items that would belong there if you had a place to put it—like shoe polishes and clothes brushes, maybe the dog’s leash too. If you need more space for hanging things, then think about organizing everything high and low, with a shoe shelf across the bottom and hats and gloves up high. They could also go into a hanger on the back of the door.

When they are designed with your family in mind, reach-in closets can do everything you need, and maybe even some things you haven’t thought of yet. That’s the power of custom reach-in closets.

Maximize Your Reach In Space With Custom Closet Design

Only you know the best way to fill out your family’s closets. That’s why we send out our closet design experts to meet with you in your home, talk to you in person and see exactly what you want and where you want it. You can request a free design consultation, and one of our representatives will come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you on a weekday or weekend. Our design expert will bring samples of our high-grade European hardware and will create an interactive 3D model of your closet with the option you chose using CAD technology so you can get the feel of your new closet before you order it.

Closet America is a locally owned company with a production facility in Landover, MD where we make all of our pieces by hand. Everything we make goes through the same high-quality engineering processes that starts with your custom design and the construction of your closet system to exact specifications. This is followed by its installation by trained and insured technicians, who almost always complete the job in a single day and clean up behind themselves without fail. Then we will check back with you to make sure everything is just the way you want it to be. We are so confident in our work that we offer an industry-leading transferable warranty for double the life of your home.

To schedule your free in-home consultation, contact Closet America today. Our expert designer will be happy to help you create the exact reach-in closet features you need.

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