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10 Tricks To Organize A Closet

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 10, 2014

10 Tricks To Turn Your Scary Closet Into A Boo-tiful Organized Space.

Organizing a closet, whether it is a large walk in closet or small reach in a tough job, which often requires planning and time.  We are sure you find yourself arranging and rearranging many items in your closet from time to time, which makes you wonder how does your closet get so messy!

It’s not like it only people who are constantly on the run face problems of closet organization. Everyone seems to complain about their lack of space, design, and the functionality of closet organization in their home. 

Many people try various approaches to organize their closets perfectly. Some arrange their clothes by the color, some as per the season, and others by grouping similar outfits together.  

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re sharing our top closet organization designer’s tricks to turn your scary space into a boo-tiful organized closet.  There is, however, no right or wrong way to organize your closet.  All of our closet designers work one on one with our customers, right in their homes, to lay out the specific measurements of their closet and help them design and organize it in a way that provides the maximum use of the space, allows for great closet organization design, and most importantly works well for you- the homeowner. 

We won’t even make you say Trick or Treat for these helpful closet organization tips, and we’re sure you’ll find your new closet a treat for your whole family to enjoy!


Trick 1- Declutter your Closet

The first step to de-clutter a stuffed-up wardrobe is to get rid of some of the garments that you do not use.  At Closet America our designers recommend that homeowners go through their wardrobes every 8 months to a year to clean out some of the clothes that they do not wear.  So the next time you’re organizing your wardrobe, do some sorting and separate clothes that no longer fit you, or are giving way, or haven’t been used in more than a year (unless they’re seasonal).

 Once you know how much you have that is worth using, our closet organization designer’s won’t know how to utilize the available space in your closet.  Additionally, it feels great to donate some of your old clothing items to a family in need.

Trick 2- Double Up On Hanging Space

A simple trick from our closet design team is to double the space inside your wardrobe by installing two separate hanging rods.  Our professional closet designers will work with you to determine the exact length these rods should be from one another to allow your clothes to properly hang without getting wrinkled. 

Additionally, our closet organization team advises all of our clients to invest in quality hangers that help with maximum storage.  Plastic hangers are bulky and can create extra space on the hanging rods when it isn’t needed.  A great alternative might be wooden hangers for heavier clothes, and felt hangers for lighter clothes such as sundresses, or shirts.

Trick 3- Add Dividers

 When working with a closet design specialist, you’ll be asked how you organize your clothes.  Is it by color, by features, by season?  If you organize your clothes then here at Closet America we advise you to add dividers into your organized closet.  With long open shelving running through your closet, dividers are a must to help keep your closet organized.

Trick 4- Drawer space

When working up a design to help keep your closet organized, Closet America’s designers most certainly suggest drawers if any of our clients want to fold any of their clothes in their closet.  A closet design trick drawers are great for storing smaller clothing items like your innerwear, socks, ties, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.  Not only does an adding drawer create additional space, they also help you categorize the items that may easily jumble up if placed in other areas of the closet.

Trick 5- Organize Your Jewelry


Every woman needs a jewelry organizer to store her precious ornaments in a methodical and easy-to-access fashion. It helps you arrange your jewelry by grouping separate items together. There’s place to lie out your necklaces, arrange your earrings, place your rings, bracelets, and so on. This helps you store any delicate jewelry without it getting tangled, which saves you time when you need to use it in a hurry.  We love our jewelry drawer and design so much that it is worked into almost all of our organized closet designs for our clients!

Trick 6- Shoe Storage Made Easy 

An organized and easy way of picking out your shoes for the day quickly is by storing them in on our shoe organizer racks.  When working with our closet designer, they will go over your options for shoe storage and make recommendations on how much of your closet space should be dedicated to displaying your shoes in a fashionable and effect manner.  Next time you need a pair of shoes, you can find them in a second–without having to look through each and every shoebox!

Trick 7- Make Use an Empty Wall

At Closet America we make use of any space in the closet.  We’ve worked with many clients who don’t know how to use that awkward smaller wall in their closet.  Our closet design team will make the most of an empty/unused wall or the door of your closet and hang an expanding rack or fix a few hooks onto it. This can be used to hang not just your coats and jackets, but also your scarves, hats and caps, bags, and even some accessories.

Trick 8- Valet Hooks Are A Must

One of our top selling accessory add-ons at Closet America is our valet hooks.  Our valet hooks can be installed right outside your closet and serve as a place to hang your clothes. Our custom organized closet clients generally love when we install a valet hook for two reasons– hang their dry-cleaning before stowing it in the closet, or to lay out the outfit to be worn next morning.

Trick 9-Include Baskets

Although our closet design team works well to ensure that every inch of your closet is used to the maximum space, we also advocate for adding baskets on some of the unused space on the floor.  A small wooden basket can be made useful to quickly store items like shoes or bags, as well as a drop off place for any other clothes that you might not have had a chance to put away quite yet!

Trick 10- Let there Be Light!

A bright new light in a closet makes all the difference! If you want to take a look inside your organized closet and spot your belongings quickly, the best way to do this is with proper lighting.  Because mostly a closet is a small space, bright lights will only end up piercing your eyes. So it makes sense to be practical and install soft lights for best results.  However, if you want to go dramatic, a chandelier like the one below is a great option for making your new organized closet feel like your personal dressing room!


With these tricks from our top closet designer’s we’re sure that your new organized closet will be transformed from a scary space to a Boo-tiful closet!  Indulge yourself with a treat and call Closet America at 800-747-3217 or click here today to meet with one of our certified closet designers and start planning your dream closet for free!  

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

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