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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Closet Remodeling: Part II

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 28, 2018

Let’s walk through the exciting steps of transforming your dreams into a walk-in closet reality. Now that you’ve scheduled an in-home consultation, we’ll show you how that consultation transforms dreams and ideas into lasting value.

Congratulations on making the decision to invest in a custom closet! You’re on the path to bringing better organization to your day and adding value to your home. In the first part of this ultimate series, we discussed the first steps in tackling a custom closet remodeling project.

  • Resist the urge to do it yourself: Even though you’re handy and have successfully completed a few projects around the house, you won’t be saving time or money once it’s all said and done.

  • Choose local closet remodeling professionals: They know your town and they’ve successfully completed similar projects for your neighbors.

  • Clear out the closet clutter: That makes it easier for your designer to evaluate the current space and for you to transition to your new custom closet.

  • Schedule an in-home consultation: At a time that’s convenient for you, evenings and weekends included.

  • Envision your dream: Spend time online to explore options and gather ideas for your closet design, layout, and accessories.

Today, let’s walk through the exciting steps of actually transforming your dreams into a walk-in reality. Now that you’ve scheduled an in-home consultation, we’ll show you how that consultation transforms dreams and ideas into lasting value.

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Consultation Is an Opportunity for Conversation and Creativity

When your Closet America expert designer arrives, they will evaluate your current closet space (and thank you for cleaning out the clutter) and take detailed measurements. Next, your designer will walk you through the design process and answer any questions you may have. A consultation is an opportunity for a creative conversation. You share your dreams as the designer learns your needs. Together you explore endless possibilities and develop a custom closet design that works for you.

Your designer will ask about your wardrobe, daily schedules, seasonal attire change-outs throughout the year, and any clothing or accessories that may require special care. Your designer will also ask about your lifestyle, sports activities, and many other questions that lead to creating the custom closet of your dreams.

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Quality Materials Are Key in a Custom Closet Remodeling Project

Your designer will also bring samples so that you can see the quality of materials and select your finishes. You’ll have an amazing number of options when choosing the components and layout of your custom closet. If your space is large enough, you’ll want to consider an island or peninsula to take advantage of the open space. You’ll gain counter space, so convenient for temporarily holding accessories or items as you change, and added drawer space to make your closet all the more functional.

A professional custom closet remodel offers you items and ideas you just can’t get from a DIY project. These custom-designed and configured components combine to create an environment tailored to your wardrobe and lifestyle.

  • Adjustable shelves for shoes, sweaters, and purses are sized and arranged to match the numbers of items you have and ensure they’re always within reach. As your wardrobe changes from season to season, you can easily rearrange as needed.

  • Chrome hampers with liners and custom finishes discreetly store your laundry and make it easy to take items to the laundry room or the dry cleaner.

  • Tie and belt racks slide out, making it easy for you to access the item you want without fumbling through dozens of ties or belts.

  • Valet rods, conveniently located, let you stage clothing for upcoming events or temporarily hold items fresh from the dry-cleaner.

  • A hide-away ironing board is ultra-convenient for those last-minute touch-ups of blouses, pants, slacks, or dresses before you step out for the day or night.

Imagine It, See It, Refine It

Perhaps the most beneficial part of an in-home consultation is the opportunity to see how your custom closet would look before you finalize the design. Based on an evaluation of closet space, an in-depth discussion of your needs, and selection of components, your designer will create a 3D model of the closet. You’ll get a sense of the arrangement of shelves, size and location of the island, colors, and finishes, as well as location of accessories like valet rods and tie and belt racks.

If you want to make any modifications, they can be easily done. When you’ve finalized the plan, the computer model will be used in the manufacturing process. Attention to accuracy and detail is just one of the many benefits of working with closet design professionals.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing Ensures Quality and Fit

Your custom closet is unique and the detailed 3D model your designer developed is used to manufacture and assemble each component of your custom closet. The work is done in Landover, Maryland, using computer-assisted manufacturing technology, and closely monitored by skilled technicians to ensure the highest quality and ensure a flawless fit. Upon completion, components are padded and placed on custom pallets that protect and organize the materials for transport to your home.

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One-Day Installation Followed by Years of Enjoyment

In most cases, your custom closet will be installed in a day or less—a huge benefit in comparison to the DIY project you may have considered. Professional installers arrive on time with all the tools they need for the job. Cleanliness is a priority, so the installers cover your floors with protective tarps and runners. After installation is complete they’ll inspect the area and clean up any trace of dust and debris. In less than a day you’ll go from old and disorganized to new and optimized, with years of enjoyment ahead.

Custom Closet Remodeling Delivers a Lifetime of Better Organization and Value

A custom closet remodel is a worthwhile undertaking. You’ll obtain the greatest benefits—superior design and installation, lifetime warranty, optimum utilization, and increased home value—from your project when you choose local custom closet remodeling professionals.

We’ve covered all of the project steps in detail, but we can summarize the ultimate guide to custom closet remodeling with one simple step: call today to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our team of expert designers will carefully guide you through the entire process, from the initial consultation through installation. Your phone is the only tool you’ll need to successfully complete this project.

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