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Kitchen Clutter Solutions: DIY vs Professional Custom Design

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 8, 2019

Creating an inviting kitchen space begins with finding kitchen clutter solutions that not only work, but will also last for years to come.

Homeowners take pride in their kitchens. It’s your common meeting place for family, friends, food, and fun. But when your home is in disarray and your shelving and displays are out-of-date and crowded, there is only space for frustration. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to think about creating some kitchen clutter solutions.

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Organizing Kitchen Clutter: Things to Consider Before Attempting a DIY Renovation

When considering DIY options, you may also realize many modern kitchen designs call for clean lines and sturdy components. You want your investment to pay off long-term. Plus, the kitchen is your uniquely-designed place. DIY kits are nice if you don’t mind the everyday appeal and have the luxury of time, tools, and experience. But what if you don’t?

As you consider a new kitchen pantry design and kitchen clutter solutions, evaluating these areas will help you best weigh the options between a custom-design and a DIY, out-of-the-box kit or multiple kits.

Time Involved with Out-of-the-Box DIY Options

How many hours do you have set aside for this project? With any DIY project, the process is generally very slow and cumbersome. It can take anywhere from two months to a year in some cases. Most people squeeze in the project or create a more organized kitchen in multiple phases. If you do this in your spare time, you may realize you don’t have any! Are you prepared to spend months on a do-it-yourself creation of an organized kitchen?

Tools and Experience for DIY Kitchens

Have you priced a table saw lately? Most people think of DIY as cheap and easy. However, when there are costly tools involved, it may not be the most cost-effective solution after all. Those looking to purchase a table saw to create custom craft kitchens know that table saws range in price from $300 to $3,000. Plus, you may additionally need a jigsaw, sander, power drill, scraper plane, woodworking tools, and more to get the job done correctly. 

Building Your Own Space

When was the last time you created a new kitchen on your own or with a DIY kit? 

While a do-it-yourself pantry might be cost-effective for those with the proper tools and experience, you may or may not know how to fit everything into your space correctly, especially in a small kitchen. You may or may not be prepared for the challenge of designing, constructing, and implementing the pantry organization you’re picturing in your mind. There’s architectural drafting of the final goal, the selection of the right tools, wood, and paint—followed by the actual building of the pantry itself.

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Incorporating Modern Design and Sturdy Components

Have you chosen your modern kitchen design, sturdy shelves, and components?

Part of the challenge of creating a modern kitchen is incorporating the right design and sturdy components. Most of the DIY or boxed kit solutions are cheaply-made and can be difficult to put together. They also appear very standard and may turn out to look like the price you pay for the box. In other words—ordinary!  

When you are looking for kitchen clutter solutions, it’s important to evaluate the modern design you hope to achieve for your kitchen pantry. Here are some questions to ask regarding design and components:

  • Do you know what is leading-edge when it comes to contemporary colors, wood types, adjustable shelves, and components?

    • A warm, earthy tone with modern black, red, and chrome accents offers an upscale style that is both contemporary and comfortable.

  • Do you feel confident in your ability to create, build, and implement a long-lasting modern pantry with sturdy hardware and features for your pantry?

    • When you are evaluating DIY kits, be sure you are ready and able to spend the time and energy needed to complete construction.

    • You’ll need to carefully evaluate the sturdiness and durability of the hardware and components to ensure they’ll last for your family.

    • It’s also important to ask about a guarantee. A local manufacturer with a lifetime service guarantee may be able to help with design and provide durable components for construction.

  • If you require help with any of these areas, a custom design specialist with a proven process may be able to help. 

Working with Custom Designers for Kitchen Clutter Solutions

Designing, constructing, and installing a high-quality kitchen pantry can require extensive time and expertise. Implementing the pantry you imagine will require the right tools, wood, paint, and skills to get the job accomplished. But rounding up your kitchen clutter once and for all doesn’t have to be this complicated—or this stressful. Consider enlisting the help of expert designers to create a custom pantry worthy of the kitchen you’re envisioning.

A custom closet organizer’s help and support can turn a massive and potentially overwhelming project into a simple, easy transition. You’ll be able to go from a cluttered kitchen to the organized pantry you’ve been longing for—no muss, no fuss. From your initial free design consultation through production and, finally, a quick and clean installation, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing every last detail will be seen to with a professional level of care. And in the end, you’ll have a kitchen clutter solution that will not only work, but keep working for years to come.

When you need support with kitchen clutter solutions and the custom design and creation of a complete kitchen organization and implementation: contact us. Feel free to schedule a free design consultation today.


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