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Installing Custom Home Office Wall Units and Shelves Will Keep You Organized and Focused

5 minute read, by Closet America, on May 14, 2019

By installing custom home office wall units with a desk, you can transform any room into a home office—or upgrade an existing office.

Your home is your castle, but it’s also a place you can go to get a little work done. And for many working professionals, an ideal home includes a home office—a room you can retreat to whenever you need a little peace and quiet. Some days you just don’t feel like facing all that beltway traffic. Some days, the sleet, snow, or rain is just too messy to head out into. But just because driving conditions are bad doesn’t mean deadlines will just magically go away.

You can be productive and get ahead on work, even after hours or on the weekend, by working from the convenience of your own home. Home offices offer a comfortable environment where you can relax and work stress-free. By installing built-in custom home office wall units, you can transform any room into a home office—or upgrade an existing office.

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Custom Home Office Wall Units Make Staying On Task Easier

Custom home office wall units are the foundation of an organized, functional, and beautiful home office. They keep everything you need—extra supplies, books, or papers—neatly out of the way but handy. They help you keep your workspace organized so you can be productive. They reduce clutter, helping you feel more relaxed and focused. And they make the room more pleasant, offering an elegant display area for collectible items and home office wall shelves for the plants that freshen up your space.

Home offices can easily become cluttered, as people often relegate them to storage rooms. If your home office has become a hiding place for extra stuff, it can’t do its job as your workspace. People often pile books and papers on the floor in messy, disorganized clumps that can make important documents hard to find when you need them. If your job requires you to keep a lot of books and reference materials on hand, you may run out of storage for them fast. This is especially true if you’re using flimsy prefabricated shelving that’s not customized to fit your space and your storage needs.

Custom home office wall units solve all of these storage problems. They ensure everything in your office—from printers to file organizers—has its own place. And working in an ordered environment makes it easier to concentrate and stay on task. You may even be so productive that you can stop going into the office entirely, as custom home office wall units give you all the organization you need to run your business from home.

A Home Office is More Than a Desk and a Few Filing Cabinets

Your home office is the sanctuary where you can clear your head, think, and work. It’s also a part of your home, just as important as the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms. Simply placing a desk and a few filing cabinets in a spare room won’t give you the clean, organized environment you need to get into a truly productive state of mind. For that, you need to take full advantage of the space you have and customize it so that its layout and features support your style of working. And that takes the kind of thought and planning a design expert can give you.

Custom office design takes into account all the particulars that are unique to your space. If your home is older it may have slightly irregular floors—the measurement of which may be best left to professionals to ensure shelving can be built to sit securely and evenly. Or, your job may require specialized equipment—such as a drafting table, all-in-one printer, or servers—that may require a little extra professional creativity to arrange well within your workspace. No matter what industry or job role you’re in, basic, prefabricated office furniture simply can’t create the sophisticated office environment that keeps you organized and focused.

Here are just some of the features custom home office wall units and design can include:

  • Handy compartments and shelving: Custom wall units feature compartments and shelving of all sizes and shapes that are specially designed to fit your space and store your items. Whatever supplies and equipment you need, custom wall units keep them organized and available.

  • Drawers, of any size: When you’re working you need a place to stash small supplies and knickknacks like paper clips, hand lotion, or post-its. You can have drawers custom designed, built into your wall unit, and positioned wherever they are most convenient for you.

  • A spacious workspace: Your wall unit can be built around your desk to accommodate and enhance your workspace. This includes providing space for monitors, keyboards and file organizers, leaving you with plenty of elbow-room.

  • Accent lighting: It’s important never to strain your eyes while you work. When customizing your space, a seasoned designer will always provide accent lighting options that make any task easier to complete—and easier on your eyes.

  • Organized cord and cable storage: One of the worst sources of clutter are electronic cords and cables. They get jumbled quickly and begin to gather dust before you know it. Your wall unit can include grommets, clips, and hidden storage spots for organizing cables and keeping them neatly tucked away.

Install the custom home office wall units of your dreams and be productive, no matter when inspiration strikes, day or night. You’ll get more work done and feel less stressed out. (Plus, no one will ever have to know you’ve been wearing your pajamas all day long—on workdays.)

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Custom Home Office Wall Units That Will Last a Lifetime

Look around your workspace at home. Can you imagine how it would look with a custom wall unit? A Closet America designer can come to your house and create a mock-up image of how a custom wall unit could transform your room using our 3D modeling technology. We can even build in the details and features you’ve been dreaming of so you can personalize your wall unit any way you want. Unlike any out-of-the-box shelving solution, your custom wall unit will fit your space perfectly, even if your office is small or irregularly shaped.

Moreover, our custom home office wall units are sturdy and will enhance your home’s beauty and value for decades to come. We only use high-quality materials to ensure your wall unit will be durable, safe, and stylish. Our shelving is free of sags, break, and sharp, snagging edges. Our drawers glide open and closed without getting stuck, making it easy to grab pens or staplers whenever you need them.

If you’d like to learn more about the custom wall unit we can tailor for your home office, contact us. One of our design experts will be happy to visit when it’s convenient to talk about the wall unit or custom closet of your dreams, and create a plan to make it happen.

Ready to organize clutter and transform your home office into a proper workspace? Schedule your free in-home consultation today and let’s get to work.

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