Pantry Shelving Systems That Organize Your Kitchen From the Inside Out

Everyone adores a glamorous kitchen; it’s the heart of your home. Having a clean and organized kitchen can make daily life run more smoothly. If your kitchen is cluttered and disorderly, a custom pantry shelving system is the solution. Don’t waste time digging through a mess to find an ingredient while you’re cooking. A custom pantry shelving system offers true organization that features racks, drawers, and hooks to neatly store all your pantry needs.

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A beautiful kitchen remodel doesn't stop at your countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Make sure the inside of your pantry is just as updated and state-of-the-art as the rest of your kitchen. A custom pantry shelving system not only offers easy-to-access storage, it’s a place to stow away items you don’t use every day, freeing up counter space to add your favorite decor or a beautiful floral arrangement.

You know what they say about beauty: it’s what’s inside that counts. So don’t have a kitchen that only looks good on the surface. Turn your kitchen into a functional space with a custom pantry shelving system from Closet America. Whether you need tall spaces to hold everyone’s favorite cereal or tiered shelving for your teas and spices, we can build you the perfect pantry solution.

Spice Things Up With a Custom Pantry Shelving System

A storage space doesn’t have to be boring. Add glamour while also adding functionality to your pantry. Whether reach-in or walk-in, pantries designed and installed by Closet America are fully customizable.

Our custom walk-in and reach-in pantry systems feature:

  • Sturdy customized shelving for storing kitchen appliances, serving dishes and China
  • Floor-to-ceiling lazy Susans to make the most of valuable corner space
  • Sliding chrome baskets to store fresh fruit, vegetables or packaged snacks
  • Slide-out wine and bottle racks to keep your favorite beverages in easy reach
  • Soft-close drawers for storing table linens and towels
  • Integrated chrome hooks to hang aprons and potholders

If you’re not sure where to begin, let our team of professionals assist you. We’ll send a professional designer to your home to measure your pantry. They will create a pantry design that makes the most of your space, right then and there. And if you’d like to move forward, our craftsmen will build and install a quality pantry shelving system by hand just for you. Contact us and see how we can transform your pantry. And if you’re looking for ideas, feel free to browse our gallery of custom reach-in and walk-in pantries.