Our Closet systems can range from converting a spare bedroom into a luxurious, personal dressing room, to a reach-in closet in a child’s bedroom where storage helps to bring order and allows for more living space. All of our closets are manufactured in our own factory in Landover, Maryland and are available in a full range of colors from white to dark wood grain. Plus, all of our systems come with features that allow you to organize and expand your system to meet your personal needs.

Closet Features:

  • Adjustable Shelves make it easy to move them up or down to meet your personal tastes.
  • Adjustable Hanging Rods enable you to adjust the height to meet your changing needs. This allows your longest garment to stay clear of the shelf below.


  • Tilted Shoe Shelves display your shoes at eye level as they appear in a shoe store. This allows you to organize your shoes and provides an elegant touch to your closet.
  • Wardrobe Lift allows you to maximize your space vertically by enabling you to put your out-of-season clothes out of reach.


  • Center Island is the ultimate closet luxury feature, as it provides you with a working surface making dressing easier and packing more efficient. Plus, it’s aesthetically very beautiful.
  • Valet Rod is the single accessory that will change the way you dress. This pull out rod allows you to hang clothes in front of your wardrobe and provides the ultimate tool for organization.
  • Belt Rack/Tie Rack slide out for easy accessibility and keep your belts and ties organized. 


  • Drawers in the closet are a popular feature and a popular trend, as more people want to remove dressers from their bedrooms, allowing for more open living space. The upscale drawers in our systems are beautifully made and add to the esthetics of our closets.
  • Jewelry Drawers provide a beautiful place to protect your jewelry featuring black velvet padding, ring pads and a lock. 


  • Tilt Out Laundry Hamper is a hidden chrome hamper with removable cloth bag. 

At Closet America our design consultants are well trained and have a great deal of hands on experience, enabling them to incorporate these and other features into each closet organizer design in order to meet your specific needs.