Custom Closets

Update your home with a custom closet system and discover the joy in having an organized space. We design each system based on exactly what you want, from a simple system for a hallway coat closet to an elaborate system for a master suite walk-in closet.

Depending on the space and your needs, we start with custom shelves, drawers and hanger rods. Then we add smart accessories that organize shoes, belts, ties, laundry and jewelry. You can even include a hidden ironing board. Each closet organization system is built by hand in our local Maryland workshop and backed by our transferable double-lifetime warranty

Custom Closets for Busy Parents

Getting children dressed and out the door on busy school mornings can test every parent’s patience. Installing a custom closet system will help your child keep their bedroom neat and make mornings a little easier.

Imagine your child’s closet with:

  • Closet rods and drawers positioned within your child’s reach to make it easy to grab (or put away) outfits.
  • Shoe racks to keep shoes from piling up – no more strays.
  • Hooks installed within your child’s reach to hold frequently used items like jackets and backpacks.

We can even turn a closet into a homework area. By removing the doors and adding a desk top, drawers or storage bins, and a good desk lamp, your child’s spare closet can become their new space to learn and play.

Custom Closets for Downsizing

For adults who move out of their larger family homes, adjusting to daily living in a smaller space can be a challenge. Larger homes simply offer more storage options. Before, you may have had multiple bedrooms, a guest room, den, kitchen with ample storage or a foyer with coat closet.

When you move to a smaller space, you need to streamline how you live your daily life. But downsizing your home doesn’t have to mean going without the things you enjoy. By giving some thought to how you organize storage spaces, you’ll save time – and stress – while finding more joy in your new home.

Custom Closets for Crafters and Hobbyists

People who love to sew, scrapbook or do other craft activities understand the mountain of supplies involved, and how easy it is for these supplies to quickly become a jumbled mess.

Crafters who live in smaller homes often have to craft at the dining table, which can be a hassle. A dedicated crafting space can help you keep the clutter out of your dining room and avoid setting up your supplies each time you work on a project. Transform a spare closet into a dedicated crafting area with a custom closet system that includes a desk and storage to hold all of your materials. An organized, beautiful space will add energy and fun back into your hobby. Plus, once your supplies are neatly organized, you may find items you did not realize you owned – which can mean fewer trips to the store.

When you choose a Closet America custom closet system, you get a worry-free customer experience, from expert design to on-time installation. You will see a 3D interactive model of your closet in most cases during our first visit, the free design consultation. We build your system by hand at our local Landover, MD workshop. In most cases we will install it in one day, and always leave your space cleaner than we found it. Plus, each closet system comes with our industry leading transferrable warranty for double the life of your home.