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Tudor Homes in DC Rely on Custom Pantries to Achieve Open Kitchen Design

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Jul 25, 2016

If you’re remodeling your DC kitchen, a custom pantry is a great addition—especially if you want an open room layout but don’t want to give up counter space.

We do a lot of work around D.C., often in Tudor-style homes. I love the Tudor look, from the steep roofs and half-timbering to the herringbone brick. And okay, this may technically be Tudor Revival, but you get the idea. Take a walk around Mount Pleasant and you’ll see how charming the houses are.

Still, in spite of their classic look, Tudor homes often lack the open floor plan of modern houses. Some folks opt to knock down a few walls to create a more open layout, but the big drawback, especially if you want to renovate your kitchen, is that taking down walls means taking out cabinets. The net result is that you lose storage space. The workaround? Consider upgrading to a custom walk-in pantry.

A Place for Non-Perishable and Bulk Items

The first step for your custom pantry is sturdy shelving for dried, boxed, and canned goods. We’ll create a layout that maximizes your shelf space, and we’ll add adjustable shelves so that you can easily reorganize anytime your storage needs change. Our floor mounted cabinetry provides plenty of strength even for heavier items, like bulk bags of rice or coffee.

We’d also suggest installing a lazy susan. A custom version, with multiple levels is an especially great way to keep canned goods within easy reach while utilizing corner space.

Proper Storage for Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits like bananas, apples and root vegetables like potatoes and onions are best kept off the counter (especially if your counter space is already limited). They should be stored in cool, dry, dark places, making slide-out metal baskets in your pantry a great option.

One tip: plan to have multiple baskets and space them out a bit. You don’t want to store certain items right next to each other. For example, when onions are stored next to potatoes, the potatoes will sprout faster, and fruits like apples will cause nearby fruits to ripen (or spoil) more quickly. We’ll work with you on a layout that keeps your produce fresh for as long as possible, so that the next time you visit the Dupont Circle Market, you’ll have time to enjoy your haul.

Beverages Need a Home, too

Your pantry is also a good place to keep extra drinks. Soda and bottled water store nicely on lower shelves (which are a lot easier reach than the top of your refrigerator), and some of our clients also like to add liquor cabinets for having mixed drinks on hand.  If you enjoy exploring wineries in the D.C. area, we can also integrate a custom wine rack into your pantry, great for keeping wine stored on its side without rolling, and less space-consuming than a standalone or countertop rack.

Pantries Are for More Than Just Food

If you’re opening up your kitchen, you may lose storage for more than just food. But a well-designed pantry system can handle other essentials, too.

We can install hooks for hanging aprons, oven mitts, and even utensils you might not use every day, like tongs and long-handled spatulas for grilling.

You can also save lots of counter space by keeping smaller appliances in your walk-in pantry. You may not use your rice cooker, blender, or stand mixer on a daily basis, and having a dedicated spot for them in your pantry lets you get to them quickly when you need them and keep them out of the way when you don’t.

Replace Lost Storage with a Custom Pantry

Many older houses have classic styling but lack the open feel that is so popular these days. If you’ve been thinking of opening up your kitchen to create a more unified space, consider a pantry remodel while you’re at it. There’s no need to trade valuable storage space for an open floor plan when you can have both.

Get in touch with us for a free design consultation, and one of our design experts will help create a personalized layout that combines the old-world charm of your house with the elegant practicality of modern solutions.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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