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Front Hall Closet Organization Ideas to Create a Seasonal Storage Space

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Dec 3, 2019

Clever front hall closet organization ideas and seasonal storage ideas can help you prepare for any temperature in any season.

Are you a warm weather person? A cold weather person? Or somewhere in between?

In communities like Baltimore, MD, houses often feature front hall closets in main entry points that serve well as all-weather storage. Warm coats, jackets, outdoor wear, and cold weather essentials fit nicely there. But what do you do when you have rotating seasons? You need a custom closet for storage to hold those spring and summer items, too.

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Clever front hall closet organization ideas for organizing or reorganizing these closets can prepare you for any temperature in any season. Here are just a few of the hall closet design ideas we’ve come up with.

Custom Front Hall Closet Organization Ideas

Today’s home hall closet is a regularly frequented, and often a cramped spot, for all of your go-to fall and winter gear. While Frosty the Snowman only wore a scarf, a hat, and a few decoratives to help him skip on down the road, you probably require a whole lot more to get through the frigid temperatures.

When it’s time to rotate out your summer wear for fall and winter, here are some simple front hall closet ideas to get you started:

  • Remove any items that are inappropriate for the season and that aren’t used year-round. Move these to another place, such as a garage, linen closet, or a closet under the stairs. If you need to create more space in these areas, adjustable shelving can help you make room for storing alternate seasonal apparel in bins and baskets.

  • Incorporate a hanging rod in your alternate storage space for rotating in and out weather appropriate clothing. This ensures that you have an easy transition from season to season by hanging the most used items in the hall closet and the least used apparel in the garage or other storage space until you need it once again.

  • Store fall and winter jackets, coats, snow vests, and parkas on a wardrobe hanging rod in your front hall closet. Organize by season from lightest to heaviest apparel ensuring your grab-and-go plan will indeed work.

  • Keep wool coats and business jackets together, and sort by color on your hanging rack (within the lighter jacket section of your hanging rod). These jackets may well be a staple of your wardrobe, depending on where you live and work; if so, they can remain in a fixed location while other heavier items rotate in and out in time with the changing seasons.

  • Install chrome hooks on the back of the closet door for hooded raincoats and umbrellas.

  • Install adjustable shelves for snow pants and boots. Whether you are a skier or not, it’s helpful to have sturdy, adjustable lower shelves for folding and storing waterproof pants and snow boots to get you through the toughest of ice storms.

  • Store a collection of fall and winter scarves, hats, and gloves, in functional chrome baskets or bins within an upper adjustable shelf, but still within arm’s reach. These containers can work for just about any of your miscellaneous mild- or cold-weather accessories.

  • Or, incorporate a hat rack. A hat rack is helpful for those with a variety of both fashionable and polar weather hats. A hat rack goes nicely above your hanging rod and helps you to easily organize your hats with dividers in the front hall closet.

  • Add a chrome basket or bin in the bottom of the hall closet for fun seasonal toys. Here’s where you can keep your fall football gear or winter snowman decorating kit. When spring arrives, a unique kite to fly might be nice to have on hand. Or, in the summer, bring back your pool floats and beach toys. Store alternating, out-of-season items in bins on the shelf in the garage.

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A Custom Closet for Any Season

Frosty the Snowman was a “jolly, happy soul”—but only because he came prepared for winter with a silk hat and scarf! When the sun came out and spring began, however, he was not quite so prepared.

You, however, can be prepared for any season with the right front hall closet organization system. By working ahead to create a conveniently arranged storage space with closet design that facilitates the rotation of seasonal items, you’ll easily be ready for both the coming winter and the warmer months that follow.

When you need other tips on how to remodel a closet or you are looking for more ideas for your reach-in hall closet, we are here to help! If you’re ready to make the most of your front hall closet space this season, contact us today—or feel free to schedule a free design consultation to get started right away.


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