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A Custom Walk In Closet in Tysons Corner Makes Your Condo Come To Life

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 12, 2017

If you’ve got a great condo in Tysons Corner but you’re struggling to organize your home to your liking, consider the benefits of installing a custom walk-closet designed to fit your unique needs. 

If you’re used to living in the most fabulous edge city in Northern Virginia, you know what it means to deal with traffic. Tysons Corner is located in the middle of a sea of concrete punctuated by the Silver Line, and is invaded daily by a huge number of visitors who then depart again under the cloak of night. But there’s so much more to this part of Fairfax County besides the commuters and the office parks. Regardless of whatever rebranding scheme comes next, this is definitely a hot place to work—and a stellar location for a condo.

Whether you’re struggling to spread out in a studio or you’re blessed with a multi-bedroom haven, daily life in the Washington DC metro area can always be improved by a little organizational help. Adding a custom walk-in closet to your Tysons Corner home will help you enjoy your space a little more and get out the door a little sooner each morning. The following tips will help you construct the perfect walk-in design to fit your needs.

Starting with the Basics

The first thing to consider when giving your walk-in an overhaul is the general flow of the space. What items do you reach for most? How much hanging space will you need for storing suits, work separates, or longer dresses? Do you need extra space for clothing hauls from Tysons’ best malls? These questions will help you and your designer to create a custom design that perfectly fits your wardrobe. (If only someone on the city-planning team had given this much thought to the flow of traffic in Tysons!)

Another basic element to consider is the construction of your custom closet. In choosing to go custom, you’ve decided that high-quality materials and construction really do matter. This is not a DIY, build-it-yourself endeavor—you’re interested in an organization system that will last for the lifetime of your condo. Sturdy shelves made from thermally-fused laminate will help your remodel stand the test of time, and you’ll get to choose from different finishes and hardware options to further make the space your own. There’s really nothing better than going custom.

Including an Island or Peninsula

If you’ve got a little more square footage to play with (and especially if you’re transforming a bedroom into a second master closet), you may want to consider adding an island or peninsula to your walk-in closet space. With Tysons’ ridiculously high cost of living, you might as well get as much as you can out of the floor space you’ve got! This unique design idea gives you an added benefit that you never knew your closet was lacking: counter space.

At first glance, it may seem silly to need a workspace in the closet. But what if you’re folding knits for placement on their assigned shelves? What if you need to lay out items to pack in your carry-on for a business trip? What if you’ve got to do a little last minute ironing before you throw on those slacks? For all these situations and countless more, a flat surface can really come in handy in a walk-in closet.

Adding Valuable Accessories

Finally, we’re down to the fun part: selecting the accessories that will bring your closet to life. Whether you’re taking the Capital Beltway elsewhere every morning or you’re able to drive five minutes to your office building, these little design additions will help streamline your daily routine and get you out the door just a little bit sooner.

  • Belt and tie racks. These built-in accessories keep your wardrobe in perfect order, without taking up valuable hanging or drawer space.

  • Valet rods. Whether you’re preparing tomorrow’s work attire or displaying a favorite cocktail dress, a valet rod is that extra hand you’ve always needed in the closet.

  • Shoe shelves. These are my personal favorite accessory. Adjustable and custom-made, these are the best shoe shelves you’ve ever experienced. You’ll easily be able to select today’s pair and see your entire collection in one glance.

  • Velvet-lined jewelry drawers. The perfect accessory for feeling like a princess every morning. These dove-tailed, soft-close drawers keep your jewelry safe, untangled, and beautifully displayed.

Crafting Your Custom Walk-In Closet in Tysons Corner

As you’re probably imagining, there are so many ways a custom organization system can help your closets to be more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and (dare I say it?) impressive. When you invest in a custom remodel, you’ll be giving your Tysons Corner condo a little taste of the luxury that our local skyline represents. With a functional layout, a little bit of added counter space, and a few well-placed accessories, you will have the best walk-in closet the DC suburbs have ever seen.

Ready to get started? Reach out to us today to schedule your free design consultation with Closet America. We’ll work together to create a custom closet system that perfectly fits your space, style, and budget. With custom closets, we’re helping Tysons Corner residents finally put everything in its place, perfectly.


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