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Why a Custom Closet Builder Is the Answer to Your Springtime Clutter Problems

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 30, 2019

A custom closet builder can help you solve even your biggest springtime clutter conundrums for good.

For most people, spring cleaning is the one time a year when housecleaning is truly enjoyable, something you even look forward to. We’re all a little like bears—hunkered down in our people caves and not moving too fast during the cold, gloomy months. Then the sun warms us up a little and we get that surge of springtime energy that drives us to straighten up around the old cave and get things organized again.

Some years, however, that’s easier said than done. If the massive clutter that’s congealed in the darkened corners of your home over the past few months is putting a damper on that spring pep in your step, it might be time to consider calling in the cavalry—if you’ll forgive us mixing a few of our metaphors. Closet America’s team of experts can help you find solutions to any storage challenge you’re facing, no matter the size or shape of the space in question.

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What a Good Custom Closet Builder Can Do for You

There’s a lot you can accomplish with a customized closet. Things you thought would never get organized just seem to fall into place when you have a space designed especially for them. Often, the solution to your organizational issues turns out to be much simpler than you’d expect. Let’s take a look at a few of the possibilities.

Get Your Wardrobe in Order in the Master Closet

In the bedroom, clothes are the main concern. Even with a walk-in closet, it’s not always simple or easy keeping them stored properly—before you wear them or and after—and organized enough for you to find what you need when you need it.

Maybe you have plenty of empty hangers, but shoes piled one pair on top of the other. Dedicated shoe shelves are what you need to get your shoes in line and display them properly in all their glory. You’ll be inviting guests in to see the high-quality craftsmanship, the beautiful thermo-fused laminate finish, and elegant chrome accents.

Other people have hat collections. Hat boxes have a certain retro panache, but they’re really not very practical. And some hats are so beautiful that you want to see them all the time. With custom-made glass-fronted cabinets, you can have your collection on display, and even show it off with LED lighting, if you like, while protecting your beauties from dust, fingerprints, and other environmental hazards (including small children).

If you also face the more mundane—but no less important—challenge of keeping the laundry in order, a built-in hamper or two would take care of that with every bit as much style and flair as the fanciest display case and twice the convenience, thanks to linen liners that let you grab laundry and go come chore day.

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Make All the Room You Need in the Linen Closet

As you declutter, some of the smaller items from the bedroom and bathroom will probably end up being pushed out into the hallway linen closet. That reach-in closet tends to be a catch-all for the whole house. Density is the secret to success here, with storage solutions that reach up to the ceiling and down to the floor.

The central element in your linen closet needs to be adjustable shelves. You can put the bedsheets, towels and other things you use the most in the center, with seasonal and guest items up higher, out of the way. Adjustability is the trick here. You want things close together to fit in as much as possible while still making it easily accessible. Consider strong, easy-to-clean thermo-fused laminate with a beautiful finish that will never sag.

Depending on your taste and the space you have to work with, you may want custom drawers or chrome baskets in part of the closet. Choose strong drawers made out of 5/8-inch birch with dovetailing and slides on the bottom, and attractive, with beveled edging for a sleek look that will last through years of use. Chrome baskets provide another sturdy and attractive option.

You may like a built-in hamper here too, and if you want to optimize your use of space to the fullest, you might be able to hang an organizer over the back of the door to hold the little things you need to grab most often. All the elements have to fit together just right if you have one, but that is what a custom closet builder is for. The minutes you save not digging around for a bar of soap, a fresh bottle of shampoo, and so on can add up pretty quickly.

Realize Your Garage’s Full Storage Potential

Finally, it’s time to consider the garage. There is so much you can do in the garage that it’s hard to know where to start. Many of your choices are highly customizable and depend on your lifestyle. Let’s start by looking at some general upgrades.

The most basic solution to a cluttered garage is steel shelving. Maximize your storage space by replacing old shelves with stronger, better-built alternatives. Some high-quality steel shelves can hold as much as 300 pounds per shelf. Wood-finish free-standing cabinets are an adjustable alternative that can add a classy touch to your storage area.

And of course, a garage isn’t a proper garage without a slatwall. Consider adding one with tongue-in-groove channels to which you can attach all kinds of hooks—double hooks, J hooks, loop hooks—to hold your tools and other small things. If you’re in need of specialized storage, you can get it kitted out for gardening tools or sports equipment such as bike racks or fishing poles—whatever you need to make your storage best fit your lifestyle.

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Customize Your Closets the Way You Want Them

A custom closet builder can help you solve your springtime clutter problems for good. Curious as to how it works? You can see exactly what Closet America can do with your closets by scheduling a free consultation. One of our design experts will come to your home at a convenient time for you and show you an interactive 3D model of your own closet spaces as they may appear after customization, using cutting-edge CAD technology. They will also give you a price quote that will be valid for an entire year.

Closet America is a locally owned business with a showroom and production facilities in Landover, MD. Our three-step production process guarantees you high-quality, personalized service with every closet solution handmade to order using the highest quality hardware and engineering. We even have our own specially trained technicians who will install your customized closet pieces, usually finishing in one day, and always leaving your new closet space immaculate. All our work comes with a transferrable warranty good for twice the life of your home.

If you’re ready to celebrate spring by banishing the clutter from your home once and for all, don’t wait—contact Closet America today!


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