Custom Closet Design and Installation: Why Closet America Does Both

When you order a custom closet system from Closet America, it is the beginning of a relationship that will last as long as you own your home. That’s why we’re sticklers for the details from the beginning of the design process to the completion of installation and beyond. At Closet America, we always install our closet systems ourselves.

It may surprise you to learn, however, that not every closet company does. Some contract it out, and some even ask their customers to do it themselves. They have their reasons, of course, and for some people, DIY installation may actually be their preference. But for a quality custom-designed closet solution, are such installation methods really the best answer?

DIY Custom Closet Installation: Pros and Cons

It’s easy to understand why some companies do not do their own installations: it’s simply easier not to. It eliminates the need for a local office, reduces administrative work, and can save the company a lot of money and labor. We understand that. But what’s in it for you?

1. Doing your own installation can save you money. There is no arguing with the fact that professional installation is not cheap.

But it’s also true that you tend to get what you pay for. And if you make a mistake, you’ll have to cover whatever cost may be involved in fixing that mistake, too.

2. You have complete control over the installation process. After all, “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself,” right? Installing your own custom closet can also be a fun, creative challenge for crafty types.

However, if you run into any problems, you’ll have to find the solutions on your own, too—without the aid of expert designers or installers to back you up.


Custom closet installation is often more involved and complex than most of us may give it credit for. There are often many parts—and many skills—involved in the process. An order from Easy Closets, for example, may come in 30 boxes or more, with over 50 pages of instructions. The list of required and recommended tools for a DIY installation includes over 15 items, including six different types of saws alone.

The potential for error is huge. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to add containers of spackle and putty to the list for the inevitable slip of the hammer, dropped saw, or accidental hole in the wall. Even a quick glance at the instructions makes it clear that you will be facing a level of complexity that requires all the technical knowledge that is supposed to go along with such a large set of tools. A single mismeasurement could throw the entire system out of alignment, possible requiring hours of work to find and reverse. You will also need a certain amount of physical strength, and probably someone to help you. In short...

Custom closet installation is not a project for first-timers.

Even if you have the requisite experience and knowledge, such projects require time, patience, and energy. And even if you complete the installation perfectly, all that effort may not pay off as much as you might think. Most closet systems sold for DIY installation are wall mounted. Floor standing components, like the ones Closet America makes, cost more when you order from these companies—but they are also more stable and, therefore, safer. Besides potentially being off-kilter, if your wall-mounted closet system is installed incorrectly in any way, it could collapse once it is in service, risking bodily harm as well as property loss.

Some companies, such as The Home Depot, may offer to ship you the components of your closet system preassembled. Picture it: seven feet tall, three feet wide, packaged for shipping and delivered to your doorstep. While it’s true this saves you the work of assembling it, you now have a new challenge to overcome: transporting it safely from your doorstep to its rightful home. You’ll have to guide it into the house, around corners, and possibly up a flight or two of stairs. One wrong turn could result in scratched and dented surfaces, or worse.

At Closet America, we value both your safety and your peace of mind. We’re passionate about making closet dreams come true, and that includes making sure the installation process doesn’t turn into a nightmare. We don’t take chances with your closet or your home—we make sure everything is done just right from start to finish, beginning with your initial free design consultation and ending with a closet that’s perfectly fitted to—and installed in—your home.

Why Closet Companies Hire Contractors—and Why They Shouldn’t

Another way closet companies keep costs in check is to contract out the installation process. You won’t have to do the installation, and neither will they. It’s more convenient, and less pricey, on both sides of the equation. 

But if the installers don’t come from your closet company, you don’t know who they are. And it’s likely that the closet company doesn’t know, either. 

By hiring an outside contractor, the closet company loses control over the personnel who do the actual work. The closet company hopes that they’re competent and trustworthy, but they did not choose the workmen, and they most likely did not train them or check their backgrounds and insurance. They are sending people they don’t know into your house to do highly responsible work.

Additionally, these contractors are not as familiar with your chosen manufacturer’s closets as in-house installers would be. While company employees gain years of experience working specifically with the closet designs and components created by their companies, contractors usually work with many different companies, and thus will not have had specialized training dealing with the particular elements involved in your closet’s installation process. This can result in a lower-quality installation, as the better your installers know the components they’re working with, the better equipped they will be to install your closet as efficiently and flawlessly as possible.

This is why Closet America installers are company employees who are trained and insured by us. We believe installation is every bit as much a professional activity as design or production, and we want to know that it’s being done right. We’ll even check in with you a few days after an installation has been completed to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new closet. It’s not just installation, either—unlike our competitors, we do everything in-house to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and experience. Every element of your closet system, including hardware, is tailor-made for you from scratch by our talented team of engineers in our Landover, MD factory.

Custom Closet Design and Installation Done Right

While DIY or contracted installations have their benefits, the most important thing is always to make sure it’s done right—and more often than not, that means getting it done by professionals. The upfront cost of professional installation may seem more expensive at first glance, but can actually save you money in the long run by helping you avoid costly repairs and replacements down the line. A quality closet design and installation will leave you with a closet that’s both functional and durable enough to last for many years to come, and the relief that comes with knowing that is, for many, priceless.

Closet America wants things done a certain way—the right way. We have a four-part process that begins with a free design consultation with 3D interactive modeling to work out every detail of your particular closet customization. We are a locally-owned company based in Landover, and we always handle our closet installations ourselves. We feel strongly about this because we know how important a good installation is. We even put an unlimited, transferable lifetime warranty on our products to ensure your closet continues to serve you well long after we first deliver and install it. We expect nothing less than the best from our designers and installers, because we believe you deserve only the best.

Contact Closet America today to discover what exciting custom closet solutions we can offer you.