Coronavirus Update

A message from Skip LaBella, Closet America, President

Dear Valued Customer and Neighbor,

We at Closet America want you to know that nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our customers, employees and the community we serve – these are our highest priorities. Since my last update we have continued to monitor the outbreak and have further adapted some of our procedures. Of course, we continue to follow recommendations and best practices from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and medical professionals.

The following are the latest updated procedures we have put into practice to better assist you as safely as possible:

Design Consultation:

All our design consultants are rigorously following preventive safety measures, including washing their hands, using hand sanitizers, before, during and after each consultation. Our design consultants will also wipe their laptops and the space where they place their laptops in your home with disinfectant wipes. We also want you to be as comfortable as possible with these visits, so please don't hesitate to ask your designer to use hand sanitizers or for them to wear their mask, that they carry with them to each consultation, while in your home.

During this time, we're also offering virtual design consultations. This innovative service allows you to fully interact with a design consultant, who will take you through the process, step by step and together you will create a new closet design on the spot, that you will see in 3-D, in the comfort of your home, and we'll give you a price, just like always, except it's done over our new online platform.


We have reduced staff in our offices down to the absolute minimum enabling many of our employees to work from home. In order to minimize the number of people in our office and practice Social Distancing we have decided to our showroom is open for appointments only. Please contact our team at 800.747.3217 prior to coming down to our Landover, MD location to set up your showroom visit.


All our installers are professionals and always take the utmost care to protect you and your home. This update will outline all the new steps that we have taken to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

1. All Closet America installers will be screened according to CDC guidelines and must send their temperature to our Closet America management team before coming to work, verifying that there are no flu-like symptoms and that they haven't been in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 patient or a quarantined contact.

2. As part of our confirmation call, all customers will be screened, by answering a few questions, to ensure the safety of our installers and homeowners as well as to prevent them from becoming carriers.

3. All our installers wipe down their vans each morning and use hand sanitizer before and after a visit to a home. All our factory workers wipe down all the parts used to build your new closet system before they're brought into your home.

4. Upon arrival, the installer presents the customer with a Health Screen form prior to entering the home. This verifies the day-of-installs health conditions for both the installation teams and the customer, and if there's an issue, Closet America management will reschedule the installation at a safe time.

5. Once inside the home, the installers will maintain social distancing and will minimize contact with areas of the home that aren't involved in the installation. The installers can wear booties, depending on the logistics and use blankets to protect the floors. A new process has been put into place which requires blankets used in homes to have 2 days in-between installs in ensure they're virus safe.

6. In addition, frequent use of hand sterilizers and the cleaning of all product surfaces, with disinfectant cleaner, will be done during the installation, at the conclusion of the installation and the newly installed system will be carefully wiped down with disinfectant, prior to the customer's final walkthrough.

7. To further our commitment to everyone's safety, our installers and helpers are physically isolated from all other Closet America staff, to minimize the number of their daily contacts, and the number of hands touching our documentation has been reduced by going paperless whenever possible.

At Closet America, we want to thank you for putting your trust in us and want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to safeguard your health and wellbeing.


Skip LaBella