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One Baltimore Closet Designer’s Best Tips for Pre-Holiday Organization

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 31, 2017

This Baltimore closet designer’s expert tips will help you renovate your home effortlessly—just in time for the holidays!

Before the rowhouses on 34th street go crazy again with “Christmas crustaceans” and winter festivities, it’s time to get thinking about how your home will be functioning this holiday season. Do you have a spare bedroom to clear out, a closet to purge through, or a living area that needs a serious organizational reboot? We all know that in-laws tend to notice everything in our homes, and the holidays are the time when you most want to impress with the least amount of effort involved. You’ve got too many other things to worry about!

In light of the approaching season of fun, we’ve prepared a handful of helpful tips for homeowners who are in serious need of some holiday preparation—and we don’t mean the outside lights. Using the high-quality custom design process, you’ll be able to make immediate renovations to your home’s most needy storage spaces with very little effort on your part and a whole lot of organizational payoff. Plus, it’ll be truly impressive if Grandma Lois happens to take a peek at your newly-customized walk-in closet. You can thank us later.

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Tip #1: Update the Garage Storage System First

I know, I know—nobody will even see the inside of your garage during the holiday season. But the truth is that with a well-organized garage, you can free up a huge amount of additional storage space that can alleviate the clutter elsewhere in your home. Who knows? With the added custom shelving and cabinetry making full use of your garage’s wall space, you might be able to clear out an entire inside closet for storage of more important things.

Tip #2: Get Your Reach-In Closets Under Control

Speaking of more important things, if you’re currently depending on your reach-in closets as catch-alls when company comes, you might want to reconsider for the months ahead. Reach in closets are small, cramped, and tend to be filled with seasonal decor items that only see the light of day once a year. Now is the perfect time, while the decorations are out of the way and before company comes, to finally install custom shelving in each bedroom closet and reclaim that storage space for your own.

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Tip #3: Install a Mudroom—and Teach Your Kids How to Use It

Families with kids understand the frustration of walking in the front door and being greeted by an already-dirty house. The foyer is the perfect dropping-off spot for school bags, sports gear, outerwear, and every pair of shoes your family members have ever owned—not to mention all the rain gear that we’ll be needing here in Baltimore during the entire month of December. With a custom mudroom installed with specific storage space for each kid’s miscellaneous stuff, you’ll be well on your way toward giving your holiday guests a pleasant greeting sight.

Tip #4: Streamline Your Laundry Station with Custom Cabinetry

This tip is perfect for Baltimore’s big families who are always running one (or two) loads of laundry, even while company is at home. There’s no stress like the push-everything-into-the-laundry-room-and-close-the-door holiday stress, and we completely understand your conundrum. Installing custom cabinetry and shelving in your laundry room that’s perfectly suited to your family’s needs will really cut down on the amount of clutter on the floor in that part of the house.

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Tip #5: Give Your Pantry a Festive Organizational Makeover

Within weeks, your kitchen is going to be host to holiday festivities, delicious family meals, and plenty of new helping hands. Why not give them a really great first impression by displaying your perfectly-organized custom pantry? With perfectly-portioned space for spices, dry goods, pans, appliances, bottles of wine, and everything else you bought at Wegman’s, this room just might become the centerpiece of your holiday discussion around the dinner table.

Tip #6: Impress Your Inlaws with a New Custom Walk-In Closet

And finally, if you’re really looking to impress this holiday season, you’ll want to go all out with a full master closet renovation. Custom walk-in closets are the cream of the crop when it comes to home design, and can truly showcase your personal style. With incredibly touchable details and a sophisticated design layout, this is the room of the house you can immediately feel most proud of. Whether your guests are coming from around the corner in Mount Vernon or they’re trekking in all the way from Texas, they are bound to be in awe of your home’s luxuriousness.

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Prepping for the Holidays in Baltimore with Custom Closet Design

We hope that this handful of helpful tips will be useful to you and your family as you prepare for the busiest, messiest, most wonderful time of the year. With the help of a design expert and a few creative organization strategies, your home will be transformed into the perfect landing place for the entire family this holiday season.

Sign up for your free design consultation with Closet America today to get started on your first redesign project. We look forward to helping you conquer the holidays (and turn a few heads) with your home’s new look!


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