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Mudroom Storage Ideas: Baskets, Shelves, Benches & More

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Apr 6, 2023

Commonly, the only times a person might give their mudroom any thought is when they’re leaving their home or coming back to it. However, we believe that it deserves a lot more consideration. For many families, this lack of intentionality leads to a mess of shoes, coats, hats, and other things that can make getting ready to leave the house quite a hassle. Shoes always seem to get clumped into a messy pile, and because of their various sizes and styles, they can be very hard to store neatly. Coats also almost always end up on the floor or on a chair in a jumbled mess as well. If your entryway is cluttered like this, you may need a better way to store everything neatly to help keep it that way. Storage solutions like mudroom shoe storage baskets, mudroom shoe shelves, and more will help make getting ready in the mornings and leaving the house much, much easier. Check out these coat storage solutions and mudroom shoe storage ideas and get inspired!

Space to Hang Your Coats

A simple coat rack attached to your wall with at least one hook for every member of the family gives everyone ample space to store their jackets and coats. Consider going with a double coat rack that has two rows of hooks, one on top of the other, so everyone has a place to store hats, scarves, beanies, and other accessories too. These extra hangers will also come in handy for hanging the kids’ backpacks or your reusable tote bags for shopping.

A Bench for Getting Shoes On & Off

Adding a bench to your mudroom system to get your shoes on and off may simple. However, these shoe benches can serve multiple functions. First, they give you a sitting place to put your shoes on that is close by. Your back and knees will thank you, especially with shoes that can be hard to put on and take off, like boots and heels. Next, these benches can provide added storage space beneath them. For example, if you design a custom mudroom system with Closet America, you have the option to get soft-close drawers, open and adjustable shelves or more in the storage area below the bench. Additionally, the space under the bench can be a perfect place to put your shoe storage baskets.

Lots of Shelving for Additional Home Storage Needs

Mudroom shoe shelves are extremely versatile – you can use them to store more than the typical items such as shoes, hats, and umbrellas. You can also use the space to store things from the rest of the home. You can also incorporate shelving into some of the other mudroom shoe storage ideas we’ve mentioned thus far, like on top of a coat rack or under a bench.

Add Basket Organization

Mudroom storage baskets are another one of our storage ideas that are very simple but can have a big impact. You can use them on open shelves, in cabinets, or add smaller bins and baskets inside of drawers. These baskets can be used to give you more space to store and separate your items by category. This can help you and your family find what you need a lot quicker.

Did these mudroom storage ideas inspire you to give your entryway a makeover? Let the experts at Closet America help! We can help you create custom solutions for your mudroom that will keep it clutter-free all year long. The process starts with a free design consultation that includes a fully interactive 3D model of your mudroom’s new design to help you envision what your space can be transformed into. Schedule your free design consultation today!

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