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Kids Dress-Up Clothes Storage & Closet Organization Ideas

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Dec 1, 2022

Whether they’re running around the house in their favorite superhero costume, pretending to be a doctor, or having a princess tea party, young children of all ages enjoy playing dress up.

Kids’ dress up clothes are typically a hodge-podge of costumes, hand-me-downs, thrifted pieces, and some of your own clothes, and this variety can make it hard to organize and store them all. All too often, they get stuffed into a box or thrown into the back of a closet without much thought. This can make it tough for your child to find the outfit they want when they’re in the mood to play pretend. You’ve likely never given much thought about how to organize dress-up clothes before, but we have! Check out these storage and organization tips for kids’ dress up clothes to make finding them and putting them away easier for you and your child.

Hang Up a Peg Rack

If you have free space on your child’s wall, consider putting up a peg rack for some of their dress-up clothing. These pegs are great for hanging longer kids’ dress up clothes, like capes that go with a superhero outfit, a doctor’s coat, chef aprons, and some dresses. Peg racks are a fairly simple solution for organizing dress up clothes, but they’re very effective. They keep some of the most important pieces of an outfit visibly displayed so kids can immediately find what they’re looking for and know where to put it back. You may want to consider getting a combo peg rack/shelf and use the shelf to store small accessories too!

Add an Armoire 

If you have more space in your child’s room, adding a small, child-sized armoire for kids’ dress up clothes will help keep them organized and neatly stored away. Rather than buying one new, you can save yourself a lot of money by finding an armoire at a thrift store and then painting it your child’s favorite color and adding decorations they’ll love. Since an armoire will effectively hide kids’ dress-up clothes behind drawers and doors, you could also consider putting it in a different room, like their playroom, if there isn’t enough space in your child’s bedroom.

Create a Dress-Up Station Complete with a Mirror

This is a solution for organizing dress up clothes that adds to the fun, giving your child a mirror to check out how they look. A piece like this can almost resemble a vanity desk (child-sized, of course), but with the addition of a hanging rod for dress-up clothing to hang. We recommend also including drawers for smaller accessories and some hooks for hats, scarves, and boas. Just like with the armoire, you may not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of furniture for kids’ dress up clothes, so check your local thrift stores to see what options they have that you could touch up and make your own.

Add a Dedicated Space in Their Closet 

Most closets in kid’s bedrooms are pretty small, but if your child is lucky enough to have lots of closet space, creating a dedicated area for storing and organizing dress up clothes is a good idea. This can be as simple as a few cubbies with fabric bins or more elaborate with a mirror, hanging rack, hooks, and other features to create a mini vanity-type desk. It’s up to how much space you have and how much of it you want to dedicate to your kids’ dress up clothes.

Now that you have a better idea of how to organize dress-up clothes for your child, you can reduce some of the mess and make it easier for your kids to put away and find their dress-up clothes. Need some help? Give the organizational experts at Closet America a call today, and we’ll help you create the perfect solution!

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