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Ideas for Organizing a “Mini” Mudroom

4 minute read, by Closet America, on May 19, 2021

If you live in a place like Bethesda, MD, where the average rainfall is 43” a year (well above the 38” national average), you just might need a quick-access umbrella and some rain gear. But with limited space and time, you may feel overwhelmed with the task of constantly clearing entryway clutter, only to find it’s piled back up again a week later.

Here’s where a few good ideas for organizing a mini mudroom and increasing your entryway storage can come in handy. Organizing all-weather apparel and items neatly into a tidy “mini” mudroom for your daily use and convenience will bring sunshine to an otherwise cloudy day.

Ideas for Organizing a Mini Mudroom

Organizing a mini mudroom means opening up your home to all new possibilities. No longer will your entryway be crammed with items that are simply unnecessary. 

There are better ways to organize this space while adding attractive features such as a sturdy sitting bench and adjustable shelving with just the right entryway decor.

  • Consider a theme, color scheme, and pattern for your mini mudroom. It could be:
    • Black and white contemporary style with white walls and industrial or black accents is timeless. You might even include a black chalkboard for family-friendly reminders and “have a good day” messages, or you can add a black and white-framed inspirational quote instead.
    • Simply southern style, with white walls and beige trim and an upper shelving space with a lower bench, works especially well in particularly small areas.
    • Rustic farmhouse colors, with warm red rustic canisters and bright green features like mini tractor figurines on open shelving, can be nicely accented with a painting of a sunflower field trimmed in barn wood and coop or seed company signage.
    • Coastal inspiration with scenic beach and ocean prints, natural wood accents, seashells, and seaside accents along with sky blue trim and decor is easy to implement—and easy on the eyes.
    • Create a cottage garden vibe with small plants, flowered wallpaper, and gardening tools hung from chrome hooks.
  • Use natural light in the small mudroom to highlight the beauty of the room. 
  • If there’s a window centrally-located, consider adding an indoor tomato or mini-microgreens organic planter on the ledge or next to the window on an adjustable shelf. You can even decorate the exterior of the planter to match the pattern or theme of your mudroom.
  • If there isn’t much natural lighting in the mudroom, add LED lighting to enhance the overall look and appeal of the area.
  • Tackle entryway clutter by purging any unnecessary items and moving them into another nearby closet area.
  • Choose flooring that will shine with natural light such as a lighter wood or ceramic tile.
  • Add a sitting bench next to the window or wall with a couple of designer throw pillows complementing your color, pattern, and theme.
  • Incorporate lower level adjustable shelving or cubbies underneath the bench for organizing boots, shoes, and slip-on garden shoes, or other items.
  • Take advantage of your wall space by including chrome hooks on the side of the bench closest to your doorway for hanging your coat or jacket.
  • Organize all of your everyday “quick grab” items—such as keys, gardening tools, hats and scars, pet treats and leashes—in your mudroom either on shelving, chrome bins or racks. 
  • Make an entryway look bigger by installing a narrow, adjustable shelving unit on the other side of the bench that runs vertically from the floor to the ceiling.
    • Incorporate trending mudroom decor on the shelving to house things like organizer bins, an outdoorsy photo frame that matches your bench throw pillows with an adorable family photo of you and yours—maybe even one with matching umbrellas.
    • You might also add a complementary vase, sculpture piece, or any outdoor-themed ornament (but keep it simple with a bright and polished appearance).

Designing a mudroom that you’ll actually use is probably the main reason to evaluate and incorporate many of these ideas in the entryway of your home.

Working with Limited Space in Your Mudroom

Custom closets will help you transfer items out of your mini-mudroom that will serve a better purpose somewhere else when you’re dealing with limited space. Items like outerwear, shoes, and umbrellas can remain, while other non-essential items that are not needed for quick access could go in another area like a hall closet.

Increase your mudroom storage with creative storage solutions like custom-built narrow cabinetry that can be kept in or near the mini-mudroom as space is available. If not, you might want to create a garage storage area to keep your mini mudroom nice and tidy.

Consider incorporating custom cabinetry with any (or all!) of the following features:

  • Chrome baskets for athletic equipment such as soccer, football, or basketballs, pool toys, golf clubs, and more
  • Chrome hooks to help with household tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, et cetera
  • Chrome bins to store household cleaning items like furniture polish, window cleaner, and disinfectant cleaners.

Utility areas are also a great space for transferring mudroom storage to a place that is tucked away so that your mudroom will look more open with a distinct and impressive custom design.

Custom Designing an Incredible Mini Mudroom 

Custom designing a mini mudroom often requires updates to your home’s main entryway. That takes a lot of time and energy. It takes a lot less time and energy, however, if you seek the help of an expert custom designer who can take care of everything from design to manufacturing and even installation for you, with professional-quality results.

At Closet America, our design experts can create a 3D design of your mini mudroom to help you visualize the overall aesthetics of your soon-to-be organized mini mudroom, as well as any custom storage areas you desire. We can create custom fit components for your mini mudroom at our local factory—plus, you’ll receive a double lifetime guarantee on your custom design.

Whether the day dawns bright and sunny, cold and rainy, or somewhere in between, you’ll always be ready thanks to your newly organized custom mini mudroom. All it takes to get started is to contact us. We’ll schedule a free design consultation at your convenience, and before you know it, your mini mudroom ideas will become mini mudroom realities.


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