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Corner Shelving for Your Pantry Transforms Unused Space Into Stylish Storage

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 10, 2019

With custom corner shelving for your pantry, you can get organized once and for all and make practical use of every inch of your space.

We’ve all had those problem pantry spaces, where you have a ton of space, but it’s too awkwardly shaped to be practical. You may have a lot of empty room in the back that you can’t make use of because it’s not easily accessible. You don’t want to let that space go to waste, so maybe you choose to put items there that you don’t use often, like the Thanksgiving turkey roaster, or your springform pans. But eventually, you do need those things, and it’s an hour-long task to drag them out of where they’ve been hiding in the back of your pantry. 

The solution to this problem is to improve your pantry with clever options. Adjustable shelving, floor-to-ceiling lazy Susans, and movable storage allow you to make the most of even small pantry spaces. By customizing your corner shelving for your pantry, you can get organized once and for all and make practical use of every inch of space. 

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Three Ways to Enhance Corner Shelving in Your Pantry 

We all go through the yearly ritual of getting the pantry organized, where we separate stored items by use and try to give them all their own assigned place. That organization looks great—for a few days. The issue is that it’s unsustainable. After a while, it’s too inconvenient to try and get items back where they belong, so we just put them wherever they fit. 

The reason pantries get messy in the first place isn’t because you’re disorganized; it’s because your pantry is not designed to meet your needs. Customizing a pantry with different corner shelving options and accessories can help you create a stylish, organized space that’s easy to maintain. Here are some ideas to help you stay on top of your kitchen clutter. 

#1: Lazy Susans make all space accessible 

The problem with static corner shelving for your pantry is that deep recess in the back that’s hard to reach. You may choose to relegate lesser-used items to that space, but when you need them, it’s a pain to reach them. You have to move everything out of the way and dig those items out and then put them all back again when you’re done. 

Using a lazy Susan that allows you to rotate items in your pantry makes it much easier to make use of all your space and reduce kitchen clutter. That doesn’t mean any generic lazy Susan will do, as these devices are often small and not designed for your specific space. Instead, you want to find something that makes the most of your valuable corner space. Consider working with a custom closet company that can provide floor-to-ceiling lazy Susans that will make use of all your space and allow you to see everything in your pantry, even in tight corner spaces. A lazy Susan that’s designed so that each shelf turns independently will help you easily and conveniently locate items. They’re also attractive enough to act as displays for fancy canisters of pasta or baking supplies. 

#2: Adjustable shelves give you flexibility 

Everyone has dealt with that bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar that’s just a little too tall to fit with your other cooking items. Your options when this happens are to store them on their side, which risks leaks and mess, or store them elsewhere, which means you’ll probably lose track of them. 

Adjustable shelving gives you that extra half-inch you need to keep all your cooking items together. You can set the ideal shelf height and depth for your specific dimensions. Customized storage systems are often designed with these adjustable features to allow for even greater customization as needs change. Choose floor-mounted systems that are easy to clean, with shelves made of thermally-fused laminate that resists damage from moisture—which will come in handy when you do have the occasional leak.

#3: Pull out storage holds heavier items 

Your favorite kitchen gadgets may not get much use, but are indispensable when needed. You don’t want your bread machine or pasta maker taking up valuable counter space when you don’t use them every day, but you don’t want to make them impossible to reach when it’s finally time to put them to work again. Storage can be tricky, as the items are heavy, bulky, and often have multiple components. 

This is where you’d want to consider pull-out storage boxes that hold heavier items and allow you to store all your kitchen gadget components in one place. Closet America’s chrome pull-out storage systems store heavier items with ample support, so you can save counter space and ensure your kitchen gadgets are easily accessible.

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Customization is the Best Choice for Your Pantry 

Corner shelving is a stylish way to make the most of your pantry space without storing items in a way that’s inaccessible. There are a lot of options in improving this corner space, though someone experienced in custom pantry design will be best prepared to create something specific to your needs. 

With completely customized corner shelving for your pantry, you can finally get organized in a way that lasts. Adjustable, flexible shelving and components offer you the ability to store things quickly and find items in no time.  You won’t have to sacrifice order in the name of convenience, as you’ll have a pantry space that’s designed specifically for your needs. 

If you want to make the most of your corner shelving for your pantry, go ahead, contact us today. We can schedule a free design consultation to show you how we can improve your pantry with convenient solutions like adjustable shelving, lazy Susans, pull-out storage, and more. 


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