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Contemporary Wall Bed Design Ideas & More on Modern Wall Bed Systems

2 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 2, 2023

Wall beds, also commonly referred to as Murphy beds, cabinet beds, or simply a “pull down,” are an ingenious space-saving solution. They can be found in studio apartments, multipurpose rooms, and anywhere space is limited. When in use, a wall bed looks just like any regular bed. When not in use, it can fold into the wall seamlessly, taking up a fraction of the space during the day. Plus, contemporary wall beds and more modern wall bed systems blend in with the room’s pre-existing design. This allows the room to serve a multifunctional purpose that it couldn’t before because the bed would occupy too much of the floor space.

With homeowners seeking space-saving options, both contemporary and modern wall bed units are becoming more popular. If you’re considering ways to get back some square footage in your home, check out these wall bed ideas from our organization and design experts!

Custom Storage Shelving 

Classic and modern wall beds can both benefit from custom-built shelving on the sides and above where the bed folds into the wall. The addition of shelving adds practical storage space and helps the bed seamlessly blend in with the rest of the room. That way, it’s not immediately obvious that there is a whole bed behind the large panel. When done right, wall bed ideas like this can turn the wall bed unit into the focal point of a room!

Built-in Lighting 

Built-in lights are commonly installed on the top of modern wall bed units. These are generally positioned facing either straight down or forward. However, lighting can be installed anywhere on the unit, and modern wall bed styles can incorporate this functional feature effectively. These lights can come in handy if you read in bed at night or have a TV set up in the room. There’s also no need to worry about ugly wires running up the unit for these lights. All the wiring can be hidden within the cabinetry or behind the different boards and panels that make up the wall bed unit.


Whether you’re someone who enjoys reading in bed or you have a large collection of books to be displayed, adding bookshelves to a wall bed is a great design idea. Both classic wall beds and more modern systems can accommodate bookshelves around the bed.

Entertainment Centers

When it comes to wall bed ideas, this is where we start getting high-tech! A TV can be mounted to the front panel of the wall bed unit, so it looks like an entertainment center when the bed is up. The only downside is that you won’t be able to watch TV while in bed. A solution for that is to add pull-out shelving that fits a flat-screen TV instead. This is a much more modern design idea for contemporary wall bed systems, but with entertainment centers as popular as they are, who could resist?

If you’ve been looking for a space-saving, contemporary solution for your home, a wall bed system might be just what you need. Contact Closet America today to set up a free consultation and get started designing the perfect system for your space!

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