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Closet Clutter Solutions for a Stylish Silver Spring Wardrobe

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 12, 2019

Clear away the cobwebs and find the perfect closet clutter solutions for your wardrobe this season with the help of these expert tips.

Time flies, and sometimes our favorite outfit changes as often as the seasons change. As you prepare your wardrobe for the coming change in weather in Silver Spring, MD, you may come to realize that your home requires some serious clearing. In fact, your wardrobe may need the most help of all.

However, transforming an empty storage space into a stylish custom-designed closet on your own isn’t always the easiest of tasks. While the support of a closet design expert can make it easier, it still takes time and energy to create a space you’ll love—but it’s always worth it in the end! And, to help make your task a little easier, here’s some helpful advice from our own experts on how to clear away the cobwebs and find the perfect closet clutter solutions for your wardrobe this season.

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Emptying Your Closet

Clearing away clutter that may have been piling up for months (or even years!) always seems a bit overwhelming at first. It’s a job that requires serious patience and perseverance. It all begins with taking out every piece of clothing, cleaning your space, reorganizing your items, and preparing the move back in. 

  • Clear your clutter. Prepare a place to put your items as you remove them from your wardrobe or closet area. Take everything out, including the unintended cobwebs in the corners.

  • Reorganize. Place seasonal items in a bin to store elsewhere. Donate or dispose of any items you no longer want or are no longer useful to make more room for the things you do want. Organize your closet contents first by type (clothing, accessories, and sentimental or miscellaneous items) and then by whatever system fits you best—such as style or color. 

  • Consider your closet space. Before you even think about moving all of your belongings back into your closet and organizing your wardrobe, make sure you’re happy with the wardrobe and closet components you already have in place. If you’ve got flimsy shelves, an outdated aesthetic, or old, worn-out components, consider repairing or—better yet—replacing them with new, more durable (and perhaps more stylish) alternatives.

Finding Ideal Closet Clutter Solutions

If you’re not completely happy with your current closet situation—and let’s be honest, most people aren’t!—and you’ve decided to change things up, keep in mind that a little extra effort now can go a long way in the years to come. While a quick DIY or out-of-the-box closet clutter solution seems like an easy fix, in reality, a custom redesign may be a better choice in the long run.

  • DIY and out-of-the-box products can be great—for the short-term. But, depending on the quality of the materials, such solutions may only be good for the short-term. When purchasing closet components, make sure the manufacturer offers a lifetime or extended warranty. You’ll also need to be able to clearly understand the instructions and have the proper tools to piece together every portion of the wardrobe. 

  • A custom closet designer and manufacturer, on the other hand, can provide you with a closet clutter solution that will not only fit your space perfectly but also hold up well for many, many years. A quality closet company will offer you a guarantee for its wardrobe and closet clutter solutions. Look for a local manufacturer that offers sturdy and adjustable components that will make it simple to reorganize your wardrobe—and keep it organized.

Ideas for Transforming Your Closet Space

Whatever season it is in Silver Spring, MD, it’s always time to refresh your wardrobe. Prepare a place for flowers, select the best wardrobe for your storage, prepare your wardrobe with your favorite essential oil to refresh your space, and organize your clothing effectively. Add style and grace to your custom closet with a designer touch including an area just for shoes.

  • Organize your clothes effectively. That means utilizing your tall and short spaces for appropriate clothing and using dividers for your shelves as necessary to maximize your storage space while keeping things nice and tidy. Be sure to utilize a wardrobe lift whenever possible to efficiently store special occasion attire you only need once in a blue moon.

  • Liven up your closet with fresh flowers. Seasonal flowers can lift a dark mood even in the dead of winter. If you aren’t a gardener, silk flowers or a colorful bouquet from a local florist will brighten up your wardrobe no matter what the weather’s like outside. Custom corner shelving can be a great place to display flowers somewhere visible but out of the way in a reach-in closet, while larger arrangements make for lovely centerpieces on islands and peninsulas in walk-in closets.

  • Keep your closet fresh with essential oil sachets. English lavender and sweet-scented geranium can offer your clothing a fresh-as-spring aroma no matter what season it is. Make or purchase essential oil sachets in your favorite scents and store them in drawers or hampers to banish musty and dusty odors for good.

  • Make a space just for shoes. You can revolu-shoe-nize your closet by organizing adjustable shelves in your walk-in closet just for your shoes. Adjustable shelves allow you to group heels together along with taller shoes like boots. Sneakers and flats can be coordinated together all on one shelf. This alleviates the chaos of having shoes scattered all over the floor of your closet.

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Finalizing Your Wardrobe

As the clock ticks on and the days continue their march through the year’s calendar, so too will that clutter keep congealing in your closet until, at last, you muster up the courage to banish it once and for all. Even if it’s a little too late in the year for “spring” cleaning, it’s never too late to find a closet clutter solution that will end the mess and stress that’s been building up in your Silver Spring, MD wardrobe for so long.

Whatever your wardrobe design needs are, it’s helpful to work with a custom designer who can provide a comprehensive closet clutter solution for a more organized—and more personalized—wardrobe space. With a little expert help, you’ll be enjoying a fresher, cleaner, clutter-free closet in no time—no muss, no fuss.

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