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6 Toy Storage Ideas: Organizing Toys in Your Kid’s Closets

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 10, 2022

If you’re a parent, it’s probably a common occurrence to find toys strewn across the floor of your child’s room. As much fun as it can be for your kid to have every toy out at once, it’s not practical, and they might need help cleaning and organizing their toys. You can make cleaning up and organizing toys easier for them with a toy storage solution.

Organizing toys should be a task you and your child take on together because you’ll want to find solutions that they like and will use. Additionally, involving your child in this process will give them a sense of pride in staying organized and keeping their room clean. Need some ideas? Here are some of our expert tips for how to organize toys in bedrooms for kids.

Add Shelving Space

Adding some shelving is a very simple and easy storage solution for organizing toys that you can implement in just a few hours. Since everything stored on these shelves will be visible and easily accessible, encourage your child to put the toys they play with the most on these shelves. When choosing an area to hang them, make sure the shelves are at a height your child will be able to reach.

Use Toy Organizer Bins 

When thinking about how to organize toys in a closet, organizer bins are a common solution. Organizer bins can accommodate a lot of toys, and they can be stored away neatly in low cubby shelves and bookshelves when playtime is over. We recommend organizing toys in these bins in a way that makes it easy for your child to find what they’re looking for. Make each bin the home for a specific kind of toy – cars, action figures, dolls, and so on. Essentially, store like items with like items.

Use Stackable Containers

When it comes to how to organize toys in bedrooms for kids, stackable bins provide easy access to toys and are a great use of vertical space. Go for clear containers to help your child know where the toys they want are and where they go back when organizing toys after they’re done playing.

Store Everything at an Age-Appropriate Height

Regardless of which idea you go with, one thing about how to organize toys in bedrooms for kids is whether or not the toys will be easily accessible. If your children’s toys are stored in an inaccessible space, they’ll have to rely on you to get them down, and this means they’re likely going to just keep them on the floor when they’re done.

Don’t Overcrowd Shelving & Bins

Another thing to keep in mind when organizing toys is to not fit too much on shelves or in bins. This can make it difficult for your child to find the toys they’re looking for without making a mess. And when they are done playing, it can be tough to fit everything back where it’s supposed to go.

Make it Fun!

Learning how to organize toys in a closet probably won’t sound very fun to your child, so try to make it fun in any way you can. Use different colored bins and place coordinating stickers on the toys that go into them. Time your kids at the end of the day when they are cleaning up to compete and set records. Or encourage your kid’s creative development by having them come up with their own organization solutions. In doing this, they’ll be more likely to remember the organizational tips you taught them and use them to put their toys away when they’re done playing.

Now that you have a better idea of how to organize toys in bedrooms for kids, start setting up storage solutions and teach your kids to put their things away. Soon, there should be significantly less strewn across the floor of your child’s room. If you want some custom storage solutions built to better accommodate your child’s needs, give the organizational experts at Closet America a call!

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