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How to Organize Your Tools: Two Straightforward Systems to Tackle Garage Clutter

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jul 31, 2018

Cluttered garage? Here’s what we recommend if you’re wondering how you should organize your tools with the overall goal of making them easily accessible in your garage.

What is the biggest barrier to efficiency and productivity in a home? You probably have an opinion, but we’re going to claim that whatever it is causes you to ask this question: Where did I put the _______?  Countless minutes, even hours, are wasted looking for an item you know (or think) is somewhere in the house. In the worst case, and in a moment of desperation, you might run to the store and buy a replacement, only to stumble upon the lost item shortly thereafter. The problem occurs primarily in three areas of the house—walk-in closets, kitchens, and garages. We have extensive experience in bringing better organization to your closets. Kitchens are beyond the scope of our expertise, but we can certainly provide guidance on how to organize your tools in the garage.

If you visit your nearest home improvement store you’ll find categories for automotive tools, hand tools, power tools, etc. And there are probably a few readers who have tools and accessories in every one of these categories (lucky you!) If you’re wondering how you should organize your tools with the overall goal of making them easily accessible, we recommend you…

Inventory the Tools in Your Garage

If it’s been quite a while since you did a garage clean out, take some time to inventory the tools you have. If you need supplies, this is a good time to make a list and stock up. For example, an orbital sander is useless without sanding discs. Are you in need of fertilizer or weed killer so that you have the greenest lawn in Arlington, Virginia? Does your weed wacker have enough line to get you through the summer?   

Duplicate tools (often the result of not being able to find a tool when you need it) can be given to family or friends, or sold at a garage sale. Hand tools are designed to last for generations. On the other hand, broken tools should be fixed or discarded. Don’t let useless items occupy valuable garage space.  

Are You’re Asking How to Organize Your Tools? Here’s How.

Our approach to organizing the tools in your garage is to make them easily accessible and kept in excellent condition. We take the approach of using two straightforward systems to tackle garage clutter; utilizing racks and baskets to hold hand tools and supplies and adding cabinets and shelves to organize power tools and their accessories. We also recommend keeping complementary items together—hammer and nails, nuts and bolts, drills and drill bits.

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Racks and Baskets for Tools and Supplies

Trade your drawers, bins, or boxes that currently hold your hand tools for customized racks that neatly organize your tools and put them within arm’s reach. Frequently-used tools like screwdrivers and wrenches are organized by size. Magnetic racks hold crescent wrenches, allen wrenches, rulers, and small hand saws. Hammers, pliers, and safety goggles are arranged on a wall system to be accessible when you need them. No need to hunt for masking-, duct-, and electrical-tape; they’re right in front of you, and it’ll be obvious when you need to resupply. Likewise, when you use custom racks to organize your tools, it becomes obvious when a tool is missing.

Baskets are the ideal storage method for keeping frequently-used supplies at hand. Adhesives, lubricants, putties, sanding paper, painting supplies, and shop rags are easily accommodated in baskets.

Racks and baskets can easily be rearranged on wall-systems as your needs change. And for the myriad nuts, bolts, washers, screws, and nails you need for projects or household repair, clear plastic bins are preferable to hunting through bins and boxes of parts. And like all your other supplies, you’ll know when you’re running out.

custom garage storage

Garage Cabinets and Shelves for Power Tools  

For tools that just don’t lend themselves to placement on racks, baskets, or wall systems, custom cabinets with adjustable shelves and heavy-duty steel shelves create organization for these items. Your circular power tools, many of which today come with their own carrying case, can be arranged on adjustable shelves in custom cabinetry. If you use the tools often, you might opt for open shelves arranged on a wall system.

Heavier power tools like a chop saw, portable compressor, and nail gun can be neatly arranged on heavy-duty steel shelves that hold up to 300 pounds to keep equipment off the floor so you won’t have to bend and lift heavy items.   

clever garage storage

You’ve Figured Out How to Organize Your Tools, Now Organize Everything Else

Tools aren’t the only items, when poorly organized, that create clutter in your garage. Once you’ve decided how to organize your tools, it’s time to tackle the bicycles, golf clubs, fishing rods, and all the seasonal and sports equipment you have stacked in boxes and bins against walls in the garage. Horizontal bike racks save space and protect two-wheeled transportation. Fishing rod hooks safely store any size rods with reels in place. Golf racks organize golf bags, shoes, extra clubs, and other gear in one place. Mesh baskets keep soccer balls, basketballs, bats, gloves, and other equipment neat and off the floor.

Good organization makes garage activities easier and more enjoyable, whether it’s fixing a broken chair, gathering the tools to do some gardening, or putting away the bikes after a ride on the Mount Vernon Trail. Here’s to greater efficiency and productivity whenever you’re working in your garage. And, here’s to never having to ask “where did I put the  _____?” again!

Let Garage Design Professionals Help You

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