How to Make More Room in Your Closet (Without Knocking Down Walls)

How to Make More Room in Your Closet

Carefully-constructed homes are structurally meant to stay intact. When you start messing with walls or removing built-in elements such as beams, posts, joists, and rafters, your otherwise solid home could easily become a disaster zone.

But maybe you feel like you need a little more space—say, for clothing or for storage. If you’re wondering how to make more room in your closet, but the thought of potentially bringing down the house (in the worst way possible) is holding you back, we’re here to remind you that you don’t actually need to knock down walls to give yourself more room to breathe. 

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Simple Solutions for How to Make More Room in Your Closet

The best way to make more closet space without physically expanding your closet’s dimensions involves a combination of simple organization and custom design. Without needing to tear out walls or track down the proper permits, these two tools will help you maximize your space with closet storage solutions that will stand the test of time.


When it comes to organization, hanging rods, upper and lower shelving, and some content placement changes can make all the difference. Here are some simple, frustration-free approaches to organization that can help you make more room in your closet easily:

  • Purging your closet. Nothing feels fresher, or more spacious, than a recently cleared-out closet. Following a checklist can help you purge your closet effectively and start fresh.

  • Sorting items effectively. Knowing the best place to keep each type of item in your closet doesn’t just make it easier to find things when you need them. It also optimizes how your space is used and prevents wasted space due to clutter and improper storage. For instance:

  • Upper and lower shelving is good for keeping foldable stacks of clothing up off the floor and easily accessible. Use higher shelving for storage items and apparel that is less frequently used and keep everyday items within easy reach.

  • Hanging rods in different closet sections working alongside your shelving units to make the most of your closet’s full dimensions. Shorter hanging rods work well for lower areas of the closet while taller hanging rods are great for lengthier apparel like coats and dresses.

  • Chrome bins and baskets are perfect places to keep sweaters, belts, and other apparel that you may use often, but not necessarily every day.

  • Dovetail dresser drawer boxes made of sturdy 5/8-inch birchwood offer an ideal place to store bulkier items.

  • Moving shoes to a pull-out drawer under your bed. Your shoes alone can take up major space in your closet. That’s why it’s helpful to display your most frequently worn shoes on shelving and place your many other pairs of shoes in slide-out drawers under your bed or in another closet.

  • Changing the location of your seasonal items. Transfer seasonal decor, clothing, and other holiday accessories to a closet under the stairs or to another closet in your home to free up more space in bedroom closets for items more pertinent to your everyday routines.

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Good organization alone can accomplish much—but combined with a little custom-design, the two together can make a world of difference in even the most cramped closet space.

Custom Design

Custom-designed closet components that are manufactured just for your closet and installed to fit your closet’s specific shape and size will help you with how to remodel a closet more easily. 

Here are some of the areas where custom design can do the most good:

  • Adjustable shelving. This can be very effective for maximizing every inch of your closet space to include items of particular heights, leaving little-to-no room to waste. You can even ask for custom corner shelving for odds and ends.

  • Built-in cabinetry can look luxurious while housing many different closet items conveniently. Best included in the back of your closet, an expert custom designer can ensure you have just the right option for building this into your closet properly, offering versatile storage and display options for your hats, fine apparel, and jewelry. 

  • A built-in laundry hamper can optimize space that might otherwise be taken up by bulkier laundry baskets.

  • A wardrobe lift is an excellent addition for those who need to find a clever way to use the upper area of their closets without breaking out a wall or reconstructing. By installing a wardrobe lift, a higher or otherwise out-out-reach rod of clothing is simply lowered and brought forth to help you reach business attire, cocktail dresses, and other formalwear.

  • A valet rod is like an extended arm for hanging apparel. It can hold several hangers of clothing and is quite convenient for storing items that just came out of the wash and need to be sorted. Perhaps a valet rod can even be used as a dedicated area for your business trip or luncheon apparel for the next day.

  • Custom LED lighting. Sometimes you just need a little extra lighting to brighten things up a bit. Custom LED lighting enables you to see even in the darkest corners of your closet. LED lights work well along the walls, flooring, or ceilings without taking up much room in your closet.

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All right, so we’ve covered organization and design principles. But there’s one more thing to be considered here. To really make the most room in your closet, you need to find the right manufacturer and custom designer who can help you handle the finer details of your closet upgrade.

Choosing the Right Custom Closet Designer

Choosing a custom closet designer you can rely on means working with experts who have both the organizational tools and expertise to manufacture and install high-quality custom-designed components that will not only help you make more room in your closet, but also create a solution that will continue to serve your storage needs for years to come—all without knocking down a single wall.

Cramming clothes and sundry accessories into a cramped closet adds unnecessary stress and hassle to your everyday life. Clear that clutter and give yourself a little more breathing room by letting our experts help you make more room in that closet without rearranging your entire house. Contact us today to learn more—or, feel to schedule a free design consultation as soon as you’re ready to get started. We’re happy to help!