Herndon's Best Custom Closets Are Large and Luxurious


If you live in Herndon, custom closets are a must-have space in your home. Not only can a spacious, sophisticated walk-in closet increase the value of your property, but it can also make your room feel more luxe. From modern marble closet islands to sleek hideaway ironing boards, Closet America looks into every single design detail, creating a custom closet that is utterly unique and tailored to your needs. Whether you want to renovate your existing closet or you’re looking to design a brand new closet from scratch, our team of designers is here to fulfill your every wish.

Why You Should Work with Closet America on Your Next Project

Herndon homeowners know all too well the importance of having a custom closet in every room. From hardworking families who need to make the most out of every square inch of their townhouse in Junction Square to retired couples settling into a gorgeous Colonial in Moneys Corner, every household can make use of a large walk-in closet.

When you book a design consultation with Closet America, we’ll help you find elegant solutions to all of your most common organization woes, including:

All of these closet design features are a blend of both form and function. Yes, they keep your space organized, but the best Herndon custom closets also look luxurious in the process. At Closet America, we believe that organization tools don’t have to be boring or utilitarian. Everyday luxury is a goal that every Herndon homeowner can achieve.


How to Create Your New Custom Closet from Scratch

To create a space like this in your own home, start by booking a free design consultation with Closet America today. One of our expert designers will visit your home personally and help you decide which design features you and your family will love. All of our designers are certified by the Closet Institute of America and have ample experience finding the best design solutions for every need.

During your free consultation, our Herndon designer will show you samples of the materials we use so that you can see how your custom design will look in your home. We then take the consultation process one step further, creating a digital 3D model of your closet. You’ll see exactly what the finished product will look like before we even install the first shoe shelf.

We can also work around your busy schedule—even if you’re only available on the weekends or in the evening, we’ll make it work.

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The Best Herndon Luxury Custom Closets, Made from Quality Materials

Durability is extremely important when you design a custom closet for your home. After all, your closet should evolve with your own personal style and storage needs. Few things are worse than installing a new shoe shelf only to watch it snap in half under the weight of your tall winter boots.

At Closet America, we guarantee that your custom designed closet solutions will stand the test of time. We craft all of our materials directly in our local Landover, Maryland factory. We use computer-assisted systems to cut each piece as precisely as possible according to the dimensions of your room—every shelf will fit inside of your home perfectly.

Our skilled builders use techniques that ensure the durability of every aspect of your Herndon closet. From hot air edgebanding technology (which reduces peeling over time) to the use of 3-millimeter edge banding that is six times thicker than the industry standard, all of our closets are designed from the beginning to last for a lifetime.

Once we make all of the materials you need for your closet, one of our specialists will schedule a time with you to do the final installation. We make this process easy for Herndon families; our flexible installation schedules allow you to pick the best time that works for you.

During the installation, we also pay close attention to the small details that matter. We cover your floors in protective tarps to keep the space immaculately clean and install every shelf, rod, and closet island by-hand. However, while we are detail-oriented, we’re also very efficient during installation. In most cases, the installation process can be finished within as little as just one day, meaning that you can enjoy a brand new closet in your Herndon home right away.


How to Create a Custom Closet for Your Herndon Home

What sets Closet America apart from competitors is that we have one of the most generous quality guarantees in the industry. A few days or weeks after the installation is complete, we always follow up with you to ensure that every aspect of your new closet meets or exceeds your expectations. If you want to make any adjustments, we prioritize those renovations, no matter how minor they are.

Moreover, all of our closets come with a transferable warranty that is valid for double the life of your home. When you build a custom closet with Closet America, you can rest easy knowing that your closet will always have strong shelves and sturdy drawers. This is a lifetime investment that will have enormous benefits for your home for years to come.

To create the best luxury custom closet in your Herndon home, book a free design consultation with Closet America today. We provide Northern Virginia homeowners with all of the tools and resources they need to successfully install a sophisticated, well-organized custom closet from scratch. Whether you’re looking to renovate the walk-in closet in your master bedroom or you’re designing a new build in an up-and-coming Herndon neighborhood, we’ll walk you through every step of the design process to find the solutions that fit your needs perfectly while adding value to your home.

I am extremely happy with the resulting pantry redo!

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