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Baltimore’s Best Custom Closets: Why Locals Choose Closet America

Baltimore residents are embracing change like never before. From the new builds in Federal Hill to the revamped 19th-century brick homes in Guilford, residents are taking over old urban spaces and making them their own.

If you’re ready to renovate your own home in Baltimore, MD, installing custom closet systems should be your first step. Whether you need to design a classic walk-in for your stately Guilford home or a chic modern reach-in for your downtown loft, Closet America makes Baltimore’s best custom closets. From our personalized design consultations to our orderly installation process, here’s why Baltimore locals turn to us for all of their closet renovation needs.

Our Design Consultations Are Tailored to Your Home

Baltimore is famous for its row houses and luxury condominiums. Closet America has designed custom closet spaces for every type of Baltimore home, from the “Painted Ladies” of Charles Village to French Country estates in Homeland. In other words, we have a great deal of experience designing closets specifically for Baltimore residents. We take into account not only your storage needs but also the character of your home and its architecture. We’ve never made the exact same closet twice, and that’s because we understand that every Baltimore home is different.

When you sign up for a free consultation with Closet America, one of our closet designers will visit your home personally to discuss options with you. This gives us the chance to understand exactly what you’d like to see in your custom closet and find storage solutions that will blend in beautifully with your existing decor.

To guide you through every design detail of your new space, our designer will bring along a few helpful tools, including hardware samples, paint swatches, and other materials. Once you’ve had the chance to look at these materials up close, your designer will then take careful measurements of your space. From here, we use technology to our advantage; we upload your space’s precise dimensions into a computer-assisted design program, which creates a 3D model of your future closet design. By the end of your free consultation, you’ll actually get to see what your new closet will look like in its entirety, down to the drawer handle and/or valet rod. And, if you decide to make changes to this design, you have up to a year to make your final decision—we’ll save all of your preferences in our secure system until you’re ready to complete your dream closet.

This consultation process is perfect for busy Baltimore residents because we take the guesswork out of the design completely. Our custom closet designers know the difference between creating storage spaces for brick row houses and large Colonial master bedrooms. We strive to create designs that fit into your home’s aesthetic and the space you have available (no matter how small that space may seem). We can maximize even the tiniest reach-in closet.

We Handle Every Detail of the Installation Process

Baltimore’s best custom closets are, of course, made from the highest-quality materials. At Closet America, we only source our materials from the finest local manufacturers in Maryland. Our factory is located just 30 miles south of Baltimore, and we employ a team of skilled technicians to cut and finish every piece that will go into your custom closet design by-hand. We don’t use one-size-fits-all templates or automated machinery; every element of the design is created from scratch and made to order.

We also believe that our attention to detail and quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. Not only do we use 3mm edge banding in all of our designs (which is six times thicker than most of our competitors’ edge banding), we also use hot air, rather than glue, to bind our edge banding together. This makes it more durable and peel-resistant compared to shelving that is simply glued together. Our closets are built to last.

Once every piece of your closet is finished, we set up a time to install your new closet. This part of the process can be nerve-wracking for some homeowners, which is why we take every precaution during installation. For example, when you live in a renovated 19th-century home in Baltimore, the custom closet installation process must take into account the home’s fine hardwood floors and aged frame. This is why, when we install your custom closet, we always lay down protective tarps and carefully secure every shelf to the wall. And, because we have a 3D blueprint of your space, we can perform the entire installation within one day. You’ll get to enjoy your new closet before you sit down for dinner.

Our Service Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

The reason why residents of Baltimore choose our custom closets is that we follow up to ensure that every aspect of your closet lives up to your high expectations. Our service doesn’t end when we install the last drawer handle–we always check in with our customers a few weeks after the installation is complete. This gives you the chance to live in your new space and fall in love with each of the little design details.

However, if you notice any small changes that you’d like to make to your closet after the installation is finished, we’ll make a trip to your home to make these adjustments. Even if the change is minor, like swapping out chrome handles for gold, we’ll prioritize these changes right away.

Baltimore has some of the oldest homes in the country in part because these homes were built to stand the test of time. The craftsmanship of an old Victorian is impeccable, and we take inspiration from this high level of quality when we build our custom closets. All of our Baltimore custom closets include a transferable warranty that remains in effect for double the life of your home. We can guarantee that your closet will last, and someday, you may even pass it down to your grandchildren.

Closet America Makes Baltimore’s Best Custom Closets

If you want to learn more about Baltimore’s best custom closets, schedule a free Closet America consultation today. When you sign up for a consultation, one of our designers will contact you to answer any questions you have about the process and our materials. We’ll offer you specific advice about your organization system and will help you take the first step toward building your dream closet.

I thought the whole process was great. It was professional, it was timely and they were accommodating. I am ecstatic and actually going to have a closet party with my girlfriends.

Yolanda J.
Baltimore, MD

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