Custom Closets in Ashburn, VA Give Homeowners Real Value

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Ashburn, tucked into northern Virginia, is an established community. However, that doesn’t mean things aren’t always changing. Ashburn is growing, becoming a hugely-important tech hub, and attracting exciting residents from all over the country. And there’s always something to do: a new restaurant opening, a music fest, an art fair, a tech conference. The point is, wherever your interests lie, you won’t have trouble finding activities in Ashburn to match.

We think your closet should be just as customized as your lifestyle.

Your Ashburn home is as unique as you, and that means you won’t be able to get fully organized buying an off-the-rack closet storage set. You need a true solution: a custom closet that is designed for your space, that maximizes both storage potential and accessibility, and that is created to fit your one-of-a-kind life.

At Closet America, we specialize in custom closet creations for our neighbors in Northern Virginia. And there is no doubt that Ashburn is a city in which our process fits like a glove. It is a unique, exciting place filled with unique, exciting people. Our process, which combines tech-savvy scientific rigor, empathy, and artisanal craftsmanship, is one Ashburn residents would appreciate.

So if you’re ready to make your closet neater and your life easier, connect with us today. A high-quality custom closet design can complete your Ashburn home.

The Benefits of a Custom Closet

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You might be asking why you need a custom closet. Well, to answer that question, you need to think about what kind of house you have. Are you in an older home near the university? Tucked in the greenery of Belmont? In a charming subdivision like Ashburn Farms?

There are many types of houses in Ashburn and most of their closets probably weren’t designed with your unique needs in mind. A few shelves, maybe a drawer, and possibly a hutch. Even a big walk-in closet can be very limited, full of empty space because it wasn’t properly designed.

A custom closet is designed exactly for you. It’s crafted to fit your house perfectly, to make the best use of space, and most importantly, to be flexible. We design closets with adjustable shelving, multi-use spaces, and more. We know that seasons change, kids get older, and interests and obligations can shift. You want a closet that can handle your formal wear, your kickball jersey, and everything in between.

Whether it’s your first place, a newly empty nest, or you’ve upgraded to a larger house to start a family, we’ll be there. We’ll design a closet using the best materials and the most artistic creations so you can organize your home, and your life, how you want.

A Custom Closet That FIts Your Ashburn Home

When you buy a closet organizing system from a department store, or just use the one that is already installed, you’re limiting your options. You might have room for a hanging rack here, or added shelf might go there but you won’t be able to do much else. It’s not ideal for your space.

Instead, a custom-designed closet uses exactly the right hardware and the right features to fit your life and your needs. As closet organizers in Ashburn, VA, we figure out the best way to use your space, and put in everything you need (and nothing you don’t).

Our closet organization systems feature:

We’re very proud to offer these solutions no matter the size of your closet. We excel in both walk-in closets and in reach-in closets. No matter what kind of closet we’re designing, we offer amazing hardware and features, including:

The question you might be asking now is: with all of those parts, how does it fit my closet correctly? The answer to that: our unique, customer-focused process.

A Tailored Process from Design To Installation


It’s one thing to claim to be Ashburn’s top custom closet designers in Ashburn, VA. How do we back it up? We never cut corners…we measure them. And we measure everything else. It’s all part of our four-step artisanal design process.

Everything we do in a closet remodel is to make sure our Ashburn, VA neighbors have the custom closet solution they need. That spirit is reflected in everything we do.

Customer Service that Ashburn Deserves

Our commitment to customer service is the heart of our business. It’s our promise: there are no shortcuts to quality. It’s an ethos that starts at the top and is in every employee and every project. It’s why we’re always one of the most-awarded closet companies in the country.

Awards are fun, of course, but what’s better is knowing that our neighbors have a closet that works for them. We know that a neater life is a happier and more productive one. When you aren’t feeling rushed by disorganization, you can enjoy life’s special moments a little more. Being a little part of that is why we’re so proud of what we do.

So we’re proud to be the makers of Ashburn’s best custom closets. If you are ready to have a closet that fits the uniqueness of your home and your life, contact us. We can’t wait to get started.

The most professional and pleasant contractors that I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend them.

Kristin S.
Ashburn, VA

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