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Washington, DC Closet Repair: When is it Time to Get a New Closet?

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 8, 2019

Is your Washington, DC closet in need of repair, or is it finally time for a bigger renovation? This quiz will help you decide.

Many of us have organization systems in our closets that were there when we moved in—and often, those systems are awful. You may have learned to live with your closets—people can adapt to practically anything, after all, as Washingtonians have proven over and over again. 

But don’t be a glutton for punishment. In Washington DC, closet repair is a simple task compared to some of the other challenges we face on a daily basis—say, commuting. The question is: Is your closet simply in need of a few small repairs, or a full refurbishment?

 Closet America can help you decide.

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Your Washington, DC Closet Repair Quiz

There are a few big clues to look for that can tip you off to when you need to repair your closets versus when it’s time to consider fully remodeling them. We’ve prepared a short questionnaire that will help you see what we mean.

Are you embarrassed by your closets?

Is the first thing you think every time you open the linen closet, “Thank goodness my mother can’t see this”? Do you have nightmares about guests looking too closely at your coat closet as you hang up their outerwear? That is one big red flag. Sagging, discolored shelves or flimsy, grimy wire racks might have been all right when you were a starving artist or a college intern, but the time has come to move on to better things. Instead of the dinginess hiding behind your closet door, imagine:

  • floor-standing units with built-in levelers that are as solid as the Lincoln Memorial
  • ¾-inch shelves with a thermo-fused laminate that are easy to clean and never, ever sag
  • handy chrome baskets that are as sturdy as they are shiny
  • metal rods and hooks that are strong and beautiful 

Does your closet hold all the things it’s supposed to?

When your possessions pile up in your home, it’s a sign they have no real place where they are consistently kept. This inconvenience is a sign of poorly-designed closets. Maybe your closets look decent at first glance, but you have rods when you need shelves, or have shelves when what you really want are drawers. If your closet system can’t properly hold the things you need to store, it’s not doing its job. Some of the features that can help you fit more into your closets include:

  • adjustable shelving that can be designed to fill a space compactly from floor to ceiling
  • customized drawers that can hold tableware, linens, or jewelry
  • shoe shelves that can organize your entire collection effectively in a small space
  • wardrobe lifts that use the empty space way up high to hang your clothes until you pull it down

custom jewelry drawer

Does your closet hold all the things you want it to?

Someone else’s closet design choice shouldn’t dictate how you use that space. If you would like to devote a closet to your crafting supplies, for example, it’s time to make that crafting daydream a reality. If you have a messy laundry closet that could be so much more efficient, why not upgrade and make life a little simpler? It’s easy with options like:

  • a countertop can turn a reach-in closet into a convenient workspace 
  • doorless lockers that combine storage and display 
  • a pull-out hamper can hold the laundry exactly where you need it: in the laundry closet 
  • a fold-out ironing board may come in handy in the master closet or laundry closet too

Do your closets reflect the real you?

Sometimes “good enough” just isn’t, well, good enough. If you have an apartment with pizzazz or exquisite taste that echoes throughout your home, that aesthetic shouldn’t come to a screeching halt at the closet door. Even though we rarely think about it, storage is one of the things that make home homey. Maybe you have a broom closet that you wish was a pantry, or you like your wardrobe kept in perfect order. Believe it or not, you can make it happen—with the help of a little custom design, such as:

  • a floor-to-ceiling lazy Susan cleverly turns a tiny closet into a reach-in pantry
  • bottle and spice racks are attractive, super-useful, and offer an economical use of space
  • LED lighting can highlight your personalized master closet beautifully
  • retractable rods provide ideal storage conditions for ties, scarves, and belts using very little space

custom belt rack

So what’s your score?

Scoring is simple for this quiz.

If you answered “yes” to at least one question, it might be time to think about closet repair. 

If you answered “yes” multiple times, you may want to consider a full closet remodel.

Beautiful, High-Quality Washington, DC Closet Systems

Whether your closet is in need of a few tweaks or a full revamp, custom design can help you get the results you want—and the solutions you need.

At Closet America, a free design consultation is always the first step in our four-step process for making great closet organization systems. Closet America is a locally owned company that manufactures everything to your exact specifications at our production facilities in Landover, MD. Everything we make comes with a transferrable double lifetime warranty and a lifetime service guarantee.

Contact Closet America today to set up your free design consultation and get started with your Washington, DC closet repair.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

Amy B.,
Fairfax Station, VA

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