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Walk In Closet Storage Solutions That Will Stand the Test of Time

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 19, 2019

These walk-in closet storage solutions combine classic styles with incomparable durability.

Standing the test of time. What does that mean? When you think of people, places, and things that have endured time, you may think of people like Elvis or Oprah. When you consider timeless places, images might come to mind of Paris, Mount Rushmore, the beach, or Pike’s Peak.

But what about closets? It’s easy to write off closets and take them for granted—particularly when they are in a fine mess. But ignoring our closets doesn’t make them go away (thank goodness). They stand firm, whether they are organized or in chaos. And since you’ll be sharing the same roof for a significant amount of time, you may as well have a closet you can appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

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Walk-in closet storage solutions that represent classic style, durability, and utility can work well for your closet’s future and stand the test of time. The following ideas can help you create a sturdy walk-in storage space with a classic style that will never wear out its welcome.

Stylish and Sustainable Storage Solutions

The key to a walk-in closet storage area with style is cleanliness with a splash of panache. Style and appeal can only ring true if you take time to design and plan for it.

Even a closet storage area can offer a creative atmosphere by incorporating exquisite add-ons like countertops, islands, or adjustable shelving.

Creating a Counter, Island, or Shelving Space Inside Your Closet 

A custom counter or island, along with adjustable shelving, can store your board games, classic books, and treasures—or, it can house a vase with silk roses and a photo that reminds you of yesteryears.

You can also use the island for plenty of keepsake storage for items such as collectible coins, vintage jewelry, or figurines. 

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Effectively Utilizing Your Shelving Space

Chrome baskets and bins can help you organize your craft and art supplies while keeping things nice and tidy. A stylish addition might be a ceramic dish made by your small child or grandchild in second grade or a framed drawing you did in elementary school.

Shelving can be used for a variety of other purposes as well such as:

  • Rain gear and umbrellas

  • Storage of various linens

  • Camping gear, flashlights, lanterns

  • Gardening small tools, pesticides, and equipment

  • Shoe and boot organization

  • Hats, caps, and cold weather gear

You can even incorporate pull-out shelves to tuck away items. And—as with any closet—if you are organizing a walk-in area with a wardrobe, eliminating closet clutter is the key to keeping your space fresh and accommodating. Whatever your purpose is for your closet shelving space, it helps to have the proper dividers and sturdy storage accompaniments to ensure lasting results.

Durable Storage Solutions that Last

Using a closet organization system and accessories made from high-quality materials is key to ensuring you have durable storage components. By incorporating sturdy adjustable shelves, timeless birchwood dovetail drawer boxes, and thermofused laminate surfacing, you can be sure that your closet solutions will last.

Dovetail dresser drawer boxes can house your dish towels, cleaning rags, rubber gloves, and other items nicely. With at least a 5/8” thickness in your birchwood drawers, you can help realize storage for the long term.

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Walk-In Closet Storage Solutions That Truly Last

Sometimes, we just need a bit of inspiration in order to come up with some new ideas to revitalize an old storage space. By adding interest-sparking decoratives along with sturdy counters, islands, shelving, and cabinetry, you can refresh the utility space in your treasured home. And, by working with a local closet manufacturer that only uses materials of the highest quality, you can rest easy knowing that new closet space you’ve worked so hard to realize will stand up to years of heavy use.

Closet America is a trusted custom closet design company with decades of experience and a proven history of providing quality storage solutions. If you’re ready for a walk-in closet storage solution that will truly last for years to come—both in terms of style and utility—go ahead and contact us—or, feel free to schedule a free design consultation today.

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