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Trendy, Cool Basements: Discover Custom Storage Units for Your Basement

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 3, 2022

For many people, their basement is a place where they toss items that they rarely use or just don’t know what to do with. Things can therefore pile up quickly. There can be such a variety of stuff down there, such as winter clothing, sports and recreational equipment, suitcases and other travel items, seasonal decorations, and so much more. Therefore, it can seem impossible to get things organized in a way that makes sense. It can seem even harder to keep your storage items organized while also making your space look like basement you’ve always imagined having.

This problem has the potential to make the basement into your least favorite part of your home. It can even make you dread venturing down there. If this is true for you, you should probably get it all organized so you can transform it into one of those cool basements you’ve seen online. You may not know where to start but we’re here to tell you that turning your basement into an area you actually use is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Thankfully, there are plenty of different storage units for basements that can help get things organized. You can even work with a design expert to create custom basement storage built around you and your family’s needs.

With these tips from Closet America, transforming your basement into the custom space of your dreams may be easier than you think!

Create a Room Dedicated to Storage

We realize that dedicating a room in your basement to storage is far from the first thing you’ll have in mind when thinking about creating a cool basement. However, having a well-organized room dedicated to storage is what can allow the rest of your basement to serve other purposes.

In this room, you can store all the things you don’t access very often. These can be things like holiday decorations or travel gear. You can add storage units to this room that are as simple as stacking plastic storage bins atop one another. Although, this solution will make accessing the things in bins on the bottom inconvenient at best. This method also doesn’t make the most of the space you have available. To really take advantage of the space, consider adding alternative storage units for the basements such as wall-to-wall shelving or built-in cabinet sets. You can use freestanding shelving units to divide the room up if you want to try and create a “room within a room” for each kind of item you’re storing.

Depending on how much stuff you have and the size/shape of this dedicated storage room, you might consider working with an expert to design a custom basement storage system. This is because most of the premade storage solutions you find at the store likely won’t be the exact dimensions you need for your room’s wall. It can also therefore be difficult to find a premade storage option that is both the right size and matches the design aesthetic of the rest of your basement space or home. Although most consumers tend to consider these premade shelves to be more cost effective, they rarely meet all the needs of those who buy them. Ultimately, most people that choose these store-bought storage solutions eventually upgrade them in favor of a more custom solution that better meets their needs. Therefore, it may save you money in the long run to go with a custom solution in the first place. We guarantee that you’ll be happier with the final result as well. Moreover, most of the cool basements you see online benefit from custom storage designs, and we guarantee your basement will too.

Add Storage to The Family Room

If you decide to use your basement as a family room, there are plenty of ways to add some storage to the space to make organization easier. By adding things like ottomans with storage for toys, games, and more, you can quickly clean things up after the fun is over.

Add a Kitchen

Lots of cool basements have kitchens in them, making the space more fun and functional. If you’re lucky enough to own a basement with a kitchen already in it, consider expanding it with additional storage solutions to optimizing the space available.

Add Storage to The Exercise Room

Many people have turned part of their basement into a home gym. Sometimes, it’s complete with weights, mats, and other exercise equipment. If you’ve done so, consider adding some storage for all of your equipment so it can stay neat and organized after a good workout.

Inspired to upgrade the storage space in your basement and finally make it a part of the house you enjoy being in? Contact us today to learn more about the custom basement storage solutions we can create for you!

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