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The Best Way to Organize an Attic Laundry Room

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jan 21, 2020

These organizing attic laundry room ideas will help you create a space that will feel—and stay—both fresh and uncluttered.

Creative use of your living space is becoming something of a movement around big cities like the Washington, DC metro area. People are enjoying their homes and their lives more by finding new, clever ways of making the best use of what they have. If you’re putting in an attic laundry room, congratulations! You are at the forefront of the creative home design movement—which is exactly where we like to be, too. Here are some attic organization ideas for arranging your new attic laundry room that will help you create a space that will feel—and stay—both fresh and uncluttered.

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An Attic Laundry Room is a World of Possibilities

An attic laundry room is doubly challenging to get organized, as attics generally have odd dimensions that can complicate design, and laundry rooms have very specific requirements. Whether your attic laundry room is the first one your house has had, or you moved the laundry room to the attic to take advantage of the unused space and give yourself more room downstairs, the whole point of home improvement is to make your life better. But where to start? Continue reading to learn how to organize an attic.

Fit Everything You Can In

“Measure twice to cut once,” the wise old saying goes. This is especially true when you have limited, irregular spaces. If you have sloping walls, you can use the maximum amount of the space available by placing drawers or chrome baskets near the floor, so they can extend back farther. You may want a metal rod positioned over the drawers to make handling clothes more convenient. You will also need adjustable shelving near your washing machine to hold the jugs of detergent and other washing supplies you use most. If they are built between the sloping eaves, they will vary in size, but fitting them in snugly will be the most efficient use of the space.

A Great Place to Multitask

Attics come in a variety of sizes as well. While a rod and a few shelves will make a functional laundry room, there are lots of other features that can enhance your laundry room, provided you have the space to accommodate them. First, a countertop will be super-handy. Again, drawers and baskets can fit beneath it, and you may be able to place a shelf or two above. A built-in retractable ironing board will work beautifully nearby, and a pullout hamper (or two) will help you keep this room neat and orderly between wash loads. This is also a logical place to keep your sewing and mending kit and the supplies that go along with it.

Reach Your Full Potential

Some attics are downright huge. If you have your laundry space fitted out and your sewing/mending workspace set up and there’s still room to spare, don’t stop now. Consider including one (or more) of the following fun additions in your new layout:

  • Crafting area. If you have a sewing machine, this is a good place for it too. But you don’t have to stick to thematically related activities. If you have space for a countertop, you have plenty of activities options. Put up a slatwall (on the flat wall) to hold your tools for painting, carving, or other crafting activities. Or, add in a few more shelves for storing supplies and samples.

  • Storage. These days, it seems like only one in a million families have enough storage space at home—and chances are, yours could probably use a little more room, too. Add extra rods in the attic for the winter coats, shelves for holiday decorations, or cabinets with solid doors for those things that you’d rather keep out of sight until they’re needed.

  • “Me” space. You’re going to be spending at least some time in your new laundry room, so why not enjoy it? Create a nook in the far corner with a comfy chair and bookshelves where you can unwind for a moment while the laundry is going. A little refrigerator might be a nice touch too, and some people may enjoy a laundry room minibar. Also, that exercise equipment that is unbearable to use in the drafty garage may become a little more inviting up here. And think of the great workout you’ll get just moving it up those stairs!

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Designing the Best Laundry Room Layout for Your Attic

Getting the most out of your attic laundry room is, most of all, a question of quality and design. It is no simple task getting it set up, so you want a nice layout that will hold up to many years of use. That’s why Closet America’s process begins with a free design consultation so you can talk about how you want your new laundry room to look and what you want to do with your space. Our design expert will discuss the fine points of your design mission with you and create a 3D interactive model of your new laundry room with CAD technology.

Then, we’ll use the highest quality materials to create those laundry room organization systems. We’re talking about things like ¾-inch thermo-fused laminate shelves, which come in a variety of finishes and never sag, floor-standing systems with built-in levelers and shelf supports to provide stability and safety, and heavy-duty stainless steel rods and baskets that are practically indestructible—and, of course, look great. Plus, everything we make comes with a transferable double lifetime warranty and a lifetime service guarantee.

Contact Closet America today to schedule your free design consultation, and see all the things you can do with your attic laundry room!

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