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The Best Way to Maximize Garage Space (According to Experts)

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 3, 2019

The best way to maximize garage space is to create a custom solution that’s tailored to both your space and your needs. Here’s how!

Garages seem to be the final destination for things we don’t know what to do with. Old cans of paint, boxes of books and bags of clothes may sit there for years. We always mean to take care of them—but somehow, that never happens. Before you know it, your garage is so full, you can’t even fit your car in it anymore. There is no harm in using your garage space as storage—provided you stay organized. 

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The best way to maximize your garage space is to make use of that real estate that you didn’t consider before. The walls, ceiling, and corners of your garage can provide an excellent spot for storage that’s both out of the way and easy to access as needed. The right garage storage systems will maximize your space, keep it organized, and protect your belongings. 

The Best Way to Maximize Garage Space With Smart Upgrades  

Typically, storage in our garage gets out of control because we’re not properly utilizing space. The floor may be covered with half-filled cardboard boxes, garbage bags and other makeshift containers that aren’t the best for keeping tidy. Aside from making it very difficult to stay organized, storing your items like this will damage them. Cardboard and plastic bags can’t protect property from extreme temperature changes and moisture that leads to mold, mildew, and rust. To protect your stuff and maximize your space, you’ll want to consider options like:

  • Slatwall: Slatwall panels provide a flexible space for hanging hooks, storage baskets, shelves and more. With a sturdy slatwall, you’ll expand your storage options and be able to keep items off the garage floor.

  • Vertical bike racks: Bikes are often in the way in the garage, especially during Baltimore’s cold winter months when they get less use. Vertical bike racks keep bikes out of the way while also protecting them from damage. 

  • Overhead racks: Possibly one of the most underestimated places for storage in the garage is the ceiling. It might seem impractical to store items that high up, but with high-quality overhead racks, this becomes a perfect spot for seasonal item storage. 

  • Heavy-duty shelves: Heavy duty shelves are a necessity in any garage. Ideally, the shelves you choose should be able to hold up to 300 pounds so they can handle all your random, heavy items, like all those half-empty cans of paint or that big box of kitty litter. 

  • Custom cabinetry: Custom cabinetry provides storage and an additional benefit—it creates a workspace for whatever hobby you choose. Whether you’re tinkering with cars, refurbishing antiques, maintaining a garden, or collecting fishing rods, your cabinetry and space can be specifically designed to provide the room you need to work. 

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By using a combination of the above options, you can maximize your garage space by taking advantage of all its underused areas, like the walls and ceiling. Of course, completing a garage renovation can be a pretty complex project, so it’s best to work with an expert who can provide some quality custom solutions.

Why Customization is Crucial in Optimizing Garage Space 

When you use customized, permanent fixtures inside our garage, you don’t just organize it. You also increase the resale value of your home. That can’t be said when you simply buy some generic plastic tubs at the home improvement store. Customization improves your home’s value because it’s designed specifically for your property. It turns your garage from an empty space into a workshop-ready location. 

You’re not just customizing your garage based on its layout. You’re customizing your garage based on your personality. If you’ve always wanted a space to do pottery or organize your gardening tools, customization delivers. The same is true if you’re more interested in traditional options like tool storage and bike racks. With full customization, you’re free to completely reimagine your garage

The best way to maximize your garage space is with the help of custom design experts who can review your space with a critical eye to find the perfect solutions for you. With locally-manufactured cabinetry, shelving, racks, and other options specifically designed for your space, your garage can become both a place for storage and a studio for your hobbies—one you’ll actually look forward to visiting from time to time.

Closet America provides free design consultations to help you discover the best way to maximize your garage space. For more information on our services and solutions, contact us

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