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Small, Simple Mini Bar Ideas and Designs for Your Home

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 21, 2022

If you always seem to be hosting parties and get-togethers for your friend group and you love entertaining, a minibar for the home might be a good investment. Having a dedicated place to keep your ingredients and tools for drink making would be super helpful as a host and gives your guests a place to help themselves when you’re occupied elsewhere. And because you can see and easily access everything in one place, ensuring you’ll never run out of your favorite liquor and wine again. While you may be thinking of the functional benefits of a mini bar for home, don’t forget about the design! Minibars come in all shapes and sizes, so there are options for every lifestyle, no matter how much or how little space you have to work with. Whether you’ll be planning to host gatherings more often or looking forward to more relaxing nights at home with your favorite drink in your hand, here are some mini bar ideas for home to get you inspired.

Transform a spare closet

Have a closet that you really don’t know what to do with? Depending on where it’s located, it could be the perfect spot for a new mini bar for home. Sure, it may sound a little odd at first to retrofit a closet to become a minibar, but it’s gained popularity among homeowners that want a low-profile mini bar design for the home that can be hidden away when not being used. Additionally, you can install a lock on the door to prevent kids from getting access to it. All you should need to achieve this mini bar design for home are some shelves, a small cabinet, and a mini-fridge.

Add shelving

There are a variety of different ways to play with shelving to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing mini bar for the home. Have a blank wall that you just can’t figure out what to do with? Add some shelving to store all your drink-making tools and ingredients. When it’s time to entertain, just get a spare table for pouring drinks. You can also use celling-height shelving units in your kitchen to keep the bar visually joined to the space but functionally separate or turn the shelving in a walk-in pantry into a dedicated mini bar space.

Wall unit

Whether you’re repurposing an old bookshelf or secretary desk or have purchased a wall unit that’s intended to be used as a minibar for home, a wall unit accomplishes everything a stand-alone mini bar would and doesn’t take up as much space. With the right styling, the unit can complement the design of a room and even become a statement piece.

Pull out drawer

While it’s not a mini bar in the traditional sense, using a pull-out drawer as a minibar design for home is a great solution if you’re limited on space. To prevent bottles from toppling over or breaking after knocking into each other, purchase some drawer organizers to keep them in place, and you’ll have a nifty mini bar for the home in seconds!

Want more mini bar plans and for home ideas that’ll help you take advantage of the space you have and keep all your drink-making ingredients and tools organized? At Closet America, we can do more than just provide you with inspiration – we can design and install the custom home mini bar of your dreams! Contact us and work with us today!

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