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Reach In Closet Designs for Every Purpose

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 18, 2020

Use these reach-in closet designs to spark your imagination and inspire your next remodeling project!

Reach-in closets tend to be jam-packed with things, often serving as a catch-all storage space. But they don’t have to be chaotic. Any reach-in closet can be well-organized, no matter what function it serves. 

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There are reach-in closets for every purpose, and for all purposes. They store clothes, linens, supplies, and tools. They store food. They store things you use every day and things that you almost never need until the moment you really need it. They are a vital part of any house. 

That’s why a custom reach-in closet design is so valuable. By incorporating a well-planned organization system, you can maximize both space and utility to get the most out of your closet space—regardless of its size or purpose.

What a Reach-In Closet Can Be Used For

Everyone has their own ideas of what a reach-in closet should be used for. Whether you have a house or a condo, you probably have quite a few in your home. The first thing you need to do to get organized is to figure out what you want to use each closet for. 

Some of the things we’ve seen people use reach-in closets for include:

We talked about the all-in-one approach at the top of this post. And while that may seem like it would always be chaotic, it doesn’t have to be. But it can be. And so can all the others

Even if you have the perfect plan for getting the right things into the right closet, it can always get crowded. Craft supplies have a way of adding up. Kids’ toys seem to find a way to multiply. You always seem to have multiple boxes of the same kind of pasta, no matter how often you use it. 

So no matter what kind of plan you have for use, you need an organizational system to actually make it work. Luckily, there are a lot of reach-in closet designs that can work for you. 

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Reach-In Closet Design Ideas For Every Closet

No matter what your storage needs, there is a custom reach-in closet design for you. Here are some of the key components of any organized closet. 

  • Adjustable shelves. You have a lot of different kinds of things you need to store. Think of a small pantry. You have your pasta, your cans, your large bottles of olive oils, and more. Some shelves feel like a waste of space if they just have cans; some won’t fit the taller bottles. Adjustable shelves can be used to store things at just the right size, so you aren’t wasting space and are able to store what you need—and keep it accessible!

  • Hanging organizers. Your craft supply closet has items that you use a lot, and some that only come out for, say, Christmas or birthday parties. Having a hanging organizer allows you to store things in a compartmentalized manner so that you can grab what you need when you need it. It also is a way of compressing your space, giving you room to store without taking up too much room. 

  • Cabinets. You might not think that you have a lot of space for cabinets in a reach-in. But these don’t have to be huge—indeed, they can be designed to perfectly fit your space. Cabinets are able to store a lot of items and have a nice, flat surface on top on which you can put even more items

  • Drawers. Deep chrome drawers, like cabinets, offer a lot of storage while hiding unsightly items and clutter away. These are good for items that don’t sit well on shelves, like cables, or anything spherical or cylindrical that might try to roll out of a cabinet the moment you open it.

  • Hanging rods. Think about the kid’s closet. They have toys there, sure, and those can go on some shelves. But there are also a lot of clothes. Hanging rods can fit under or over shelves in order to keep clothes wrinkle-free and accessible to kids (or inaccessible if you think it is best). This offers you a lot of flexibility regarding what needs to go where. 

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Really, what you need are organizers—ways to creatively store everything you need without having to jam things in. You don’t want to just haphazardly cram your items in the designated closet, nor do you want to have to start putting tools in the linen closet or candy in the kid’s room (please don’t do that).

Using closet organizers maximizes your space and provides a serious upgrade to your reach-in closet. But buying one off-the-shelf tends to give you, well, bad shelves. It’s not the right fit for your closet or for your needs. That’s why a custom-built organizational system is the best way to keep things in order. 

Customization for Better Closet Organization

Whether you have a designated linen closet or an all-in-one reach-in, you have a plan. You have a system. You just need the right kind of storage hardware and closet system accessories to get it done. 

When you schedule a free design consultation, you’ll get an expert to come right to your house. There, they’ll take exact 3D measurements of your space so the system they design fits perfectly. After all, all the hardware is custom-built based on those exact designs. They’ll take into account your unique space and how to make the most of it. 

But it’s not just about measuring—it’s about understanding. You have a plan for how to be organized. Our experts will listen. They’ll get to know what you want from each closet, in the bedroom, hallway, kitchen, basement, or anywhere else. They’ll work with you to create a design that meets that function—and that can be easily adjusted if things change. 

That’s what the Closet America process is all about: understanding, and building a system based on that understanding. We know your closet problems are real. We know you need storage and accessibility. We have a reach-in design for every purpose—including your purpose. 

So if you want a reach-in closet that works, contact us today. We’ve got the all-in-one solution for everything you need to store.

Closet America was able to work with my unique circumstances in order to give me the best use of my space.

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