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Pantry Organization Ideas for the Holidays

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 25, 2014

Who wouldn’t want an organized pantry just in time for the holidays! Recently, we’re thinking about the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving and most importantly how to organize our pantry to help plan out the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Keeping your pantry organized saves shelf space, time, and money.  How many times have you looked for food in your pantry that you swore you had purchased at the store?  However you could never find it?  Additionally we believe that by having an organized pantry you will be encouraged to cook healthier foods and carry out stress free meal planning for your family. With the upcoming holidays, we’re going to share our tips on how to organize your pantry and get your home ready for the holidays!  

After reading this article, we’re sure you’ll want to organize your pantry with our latest ideas and have your home ready for the holidays!  If you are in need of a storage solution for your pantry, whether it be a reach-in pantry or walk-in pantry, our professional design team can help organize your pantry and build a custom solution to keep it tidy all year long!

Remove Everything From The Pantry

Our first step to your organized pantry includes removing everything and sorting it into three different groups.

  • Bulk and packaged foods – sugar, rice, cereals, flour, salt, pepper, and spices
  • Canned and bottled food items – soups, salad dressings, sauces, and other condiments
  • Unopened foods with an expiration date a few weeks away – to be donated to the local food bank. Items with an expiration date that had passed were tossed in the garbage.

Clean Your Pantry From Top To Bottom

Our next step is to wash the walls of the pantry with a cleaner like 409 or Clorox Bleach. Additionally, using a Magic Eraser will work wonders at removing scuff marks from boxes and containers that may have scratched the walls of your pantry.

If you are looking to add a splash of color or an interesting background to you pantry project, you can paint the back accent wall or even add a chalkboard paint to the door to help you keep track of items you need to better organize your pantry.

For Pantry Organization Use Containers Everywhere!

Next, put all dry goods into tight airtight containers.  We especially love the OXO brand, which adds an element of functional style to any pantry.  Dry goods can include things like sugar, flour, macaroni, spaghetti, cereal, coffee, tea and a wide variety of other food items.  Square containers typically are best because they take up less space and are stackable, creating a much more organized pantry.  Additionally, any clear containers are great too, because you can see what is inside the container without having to remove the lid. 

Organized Pantrys Require Labels And Designated Shelf Space

When organizing your pantry, it is important to remember to put the less-used items on the top shelf.  If you have baking supplies that you use on occasion, or if you only serve tea when guests come over—these are examples of items that belong on the top shelf of an organized pantry.

Our designers and organized pantry experts agree that lower shelves should include items that your family consistently uses.  When working with our design team, our pantry organization expert might suggest using a lazy susan to dispay canned goods or even group other food items according to type.  For example, one shelf could include cereal, rice, spaghetti, and baking supplies, and be labeled “dry goods.”

Remember the rule of “first in, first out,” when organizing your pantry.  If it is an item that your family will constantly use, keep that item up front so that it is easily accessible by everyone. 

Affordable Professional Pantry Organizing

Closet America works with our clients to build custom storage solutions to organize their pantry.  And trust us, pantry organizers are a lifesaver! Our clients don’t believe how much easier their lives are after there is a specific place for everything in their pantry!

Our team of professional pantry organizers and designers work one on one with our clients to analyze their typical storage needs and create a pantry that is beautiful and functional.  Some of the more traditional pantry organization designs include:

  • Sturdy customized shelving for storing kitchen appliances, serving dishes and even china in your customized pantry
  • Pantry organization that includes floor-to-ceiling lazy susans to make the most of valuable corner space
  • Chrome baskets for much more efficient pantry organization that slide to store fresh fruit and vegetables, packaged snacks and more
  • Slide-out wine and bottle racks to keep your favorite beverages in easy reach of your new pantry
  • Soft-close drawers for storing table linens and towels
  • Integrated chrome hooks to hang aprons, pot holders and more

Spice racks, wine racks and even pull out drawers help make your pantry organized and an efficient space in your home.  Now with Closet America , our space organization products, and team of professional designers, an organized pantry can be within your reach! 

Are you ready to get your pantry organized for the upcoming big holidays?  Meet with our talented organization team and receive a free design consultation and 30% off your entire purchase if you contact us by November 30, 2014!  Call us at 800-747-3217 or click here to schedule your design consultation today! 

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