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Kit Houses in Arlington, VA Have Small Closets—but Custom Design Helps You Stay Organized

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Jun 6, 2017

Custom cabinetry and expert design can help you double or even triple the usable space in your Arlington kit house closets.

When you finally purchased a kit house, you were probably over the moon. For some, this is the architectural Holy Grail in the middle of historic Arlington. They’re unbearably quaint, with a beautiful structure that helps give the area its truly old-fashioned feel—and even though some of these homes are more than 90 years old, they have truly stood the test of time. We’re still moving in, renovating, and making these historic mail-order homes fit our modern lifestyle nearly a hundred years later.

Part of that modernity involves storing clothing, shoes, and other necessities in a bedroom closet. And while many Sears or kit homes come with small reach-in closets attached to each bedroom, some are left without any storage to speak of. Sears houses (or kit houses) are a historical standby from another time when closets weren’t nearly as valued as they are today.

Fortunately, a custom organization solution can help you make the most of what little space your kit house was given. Whether you’ve got a couple of reach-ins or you’re working with a supreme master walk-in, custom cabinetry and expert design can help you double or even triple your usable space. You have plenty of reach-in closet options for making your kit house just as functional as it is beautiful.

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Hanging Rods Help You Declutter and Give Small Closets a New Life

Whether your catalog home resides alongside the W&OD or near Buchanan Street, you’re probably dealing with the very same storage problem. And when we work with clients who own older homes, they have already resigned themselves to having little to no storage space whatsoever. They might be using external armoires, hall closets, or even plastic bins to house their full wardrobes, and they’re desperate for a better solution. A creatively designed custom closet can free up these additional storage spaces for other important things.

Adding an additional hanging rod (placed about 2.5 feet below a standard rod) will help you utilize your limited square footage. Dual hanging rods are a simple but genius idea that makes a big difference in a reach-in closet. If your kit home is blessed with high ceilings, you may even have room above the standard rod for a third—and with a wardrobe lift, you’ll be able to easily pull down the items you need even without a step stool.

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Organizing the Whole Kit and Caboodle: Don’t Forget the Accessories!

With so little space in your closet, you may be hesitant to assign much of your precious space to your shoe collection. But the truth of the matter is that hunting around on the floor for the mate to the summer heel in your hand is a lot less viable in a tiny space. I always suggest that clients add in a few adjustable shoe shelves, which are specifically designed to both beautifully display your shoes and house them in a smaller space than they would take up on the floor. And given that original kit homes tend to be fought over for weeks at a time, you’ll want to make sure your daily enjoyment is worth the price you paid!

Have other accessories that are taking up too much space in your cramped closet? Consider adding in a couple of custom solutions. Install a slide out rack to store neckties or belts in the most streamlined manner possible. Add a sliding chrome basket or two to house scarves or soft knits. Jewelry drawers are another custom accessory that our clients love to include—yes, even in a reach-in closet. It’s a great item to include if you’re a dedicated customer over at Courthouse Jeweler.

If you’re struggling to make your reach-in closets work for you, adding a custom organization system will definitely save you some stress. Sign up for your free design consultation today with one of Closet America’s design experts. We promise you’ll be blown away by how much storage space you’ll have once our design is installed.


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