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Increase the Value of Your Navy Yard Luxury Condo with a Custom Closet

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 5, 2016

If you’re looking for ways to make your condo stand out in DC’s crowded Navy Yard real estate market, a custom closet can provide an edge.

Residential development in the Navy Yard area of DC has exploded, and I understand why. It’s close to Yards Park, a posh spot that offers things like sunrise yoga on Friday mornings and has even played host to Le Dîner en Blanc. What’s arguably cooler, though, is that despite all the new luxury condos being built, prices have stayed (relatively) reasonable.

But while these luxury condos contain almost all the amenities one could dream up, developers often leave closet design as an afterthought so that owners wind up with tiny, basic storage spaces. If you’re looking for a way to increase the value of your Navy Yard luxury condo, upgrading your closet to a custom reach-in will make your space more efficient and help your home stand out, even in a saturated market. Here are some options to consider:

A Flexible Unit

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, it helps to think about custom closet design from a long-term perspective. The next homeowner is likely to have a completely different wardrobe than you, so having a closet system that can be flexible is key to making it valuable. This means you’ll want to go heavy on features like adjustable shelving units and shoe racks, which can easily be repurposed.

A Neutral Palette

A custom design means you get to choose from a range of hardware and finishes. In this particular case, however, I’d recommend sticking with a neutral palette to make sure your closet offers the most appeal to new buyers. As you pick knobs and drawer pulls, try to stick with selections that complement pre-existing features of your condo (like the drawer handles in your kitchen or bathroom), and choose cabinet colors that complement other parts of your home. White, ivory, and light oaks or maples are attractive finishes that tend to be universally appealing.


Attention-Grabbing Features

You’ll also want a few high-impact features for your reach-in. While your options are a little more limited than they might be for a walk-in, there’s still plenty you can do.

Built-in laundry storage is always a good option since finding a spot for your laundry hamper is a near-universal dilemma. A laundry basket built directly into your custom closet unit opens up more floor space and keeps dirty clothes hidden behind a cabinet front.

An ironing board is another useful feature. You’re probably familiar with the internal debate over where to put a standard ironing board given its size and bulkiness, but a fold-out option removes that difficulty entirely since it tucks back into your closet when not in use. I’ve found that I’m also far more likely to iron when the board is right there by my clothes. (It always seems like the longest journey ever to retrieve it from the laundry or mudroom.)


Finally, accessory hooks are a must-have. Hooks are usually the first thing people use when they’re settling into a new space since they can accommodate everything from handbags to hats and scarves, letting you get a lot of bulky items quickly unpacked and out of the way. They’re also small enough to fit just about anywhere. If you really want to get the best use out of your space, I tend to recommend double hooks rather than single hooks.

Being strategic about the features you choose to include in your custom reach-in can help you on the road toward increasing your condo’s market value. Closet accessories that grab a buyer’s attention will get them thinking about how they would use the space, and once a potential buyer starts trying to organize their belongings as they walk through your condo, you’ve got their full attention. There are plenty of additional options to consider, of course. Get in touch for a free design consultation, and we’ll help create a custom closet that buyers will dream about until the day they move in.

Lead Image Credit: Flickr user Ken Mayer (CC BY 2.0)

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