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How to Organize Your Garage Storage Space With Custom Solutions

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Oct 10, 2019

Wondering how to organize your garage storage? These space-saving custom solutions can help.

Garage storage organization—or, more to the point, a lack thereof—is a source of discontent for many a homeowner. In fact, according to a Wall Street Journal survey, only 11% of homeowners say they’re completely satisfied with their garage and have no desire to improve it. That means the remaining 89% aren’t happy and could probably use some home improvement help.

More and more Americans are optimizing their garage storage for their hobbies and activities. If you among the many wanting to spend more time on your passions and in need of a little reorganizing, custom-designed garage storage options can help you make the space you need—in your garage and in your life—to make that happen.

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How to Organize Your Garage Storage into Simple Stations

Reorganizing requires evaluating all the miscellaneous stuff you’ve accumulated in your garage. 

If you’re an automotive enthusiast, you might want to create a designated area to store car sponges, cloths, and supplies for polishing your vehicle.

Frequent campers, meanwhile, may require clever garage storage to house things like tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor equipment.

And for those who like to muddle about in the mud and make things grow—or even those who prefer to hire someone else to do that for them—yet another garage storage solution may be needed for your lawn and garden tools.

Whatever your needs may be, custom-designed storage systems can help you create a solution that’s right for you and your family.

Garage Storage Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Custom cabinetry works well for those who are dedicated to going that extra mile for their cars. You can easily organize your automotive detailing items into a kit, storing car care products in bins which can be kept behind the closed doors of stylish garage cabinets.

What supplies should you gather into one cabinetry space?

  • Clothes, towels, brushes, and sponges

  • Professional automotive cleaning products

  • Waxes, polishes, and sealants

  • A dust buster or car vacuuming system

How to organize them:

  • Place trophies, trinkets, and auto memorabilia in a clear glass cabinet area to show off your special hobby. Maybe you have a Matchbox car from childhood or a picture of you earning your first driver’s license you’d like to keep on display for inspiration.

  • Add LED lighting to highlight your special collection.

  • Keep all of your clothes, towels, and cleaning wipes in a separate bin on a shelf for quick access.

  • Include an adjustable shelf for all of your special automobile exterior products such as waxes, polishing creams, and sealants.

  • Finally, consider using a closed-off custom cabinetry space for your dusting, vacuuming, and other car care accessories and equipment.

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Organizing Workout and Camping Gear in the Garage

Whether you’re a fitness buff or just love the outdoors, creating a dedicated space in your garage for these items will help you get (and stay) organized and prepared for anything, including a spontaneous trip to the park or your favorite camping spot.

What items could you include in your fitness and outdoor equipment storage?

  • Weighted jump ropes

  • Resistance bands

  • Fitness roller wheels

  • Dumbbell sets

  • Sports equipment

  • Games and water gear

  • Bicycles and scooters

How to organize them:

  • Use chrome hooks to hang and organize jump ropes and resistance bands.

  • Place small fitness and sports equipment in metal baskets or on sturdy shelves with dividers.

  • Include outdoor games and water gear together on adjustable shelves, and use vertical racks for bicycles and scooters to help free up your valuable garage floor space.

  • Post a workout schedule next to your station. If you’re really serious about determining how to organize your garage storage space effectively and getting healthy, include a workout schedule and a weight bench in your fitness area.

For outdoors enthusiasts, you may set up a camping gear section with your coolers, lawn chairs, lanterns, and other equipment.

Creating a Garage Storage Space for Lawn and Garden Tools

Whether they’re for you or for the help you hired to do the dirty (yard) work for you, most homeowners need adequate space in the garage for certain lawn and garden equipment.

What lawn tools might you need to make room for in your garage?

  • Lawnmowers, trimmers, and/or edgers

  • Leaf blowers

  • Shears and pruners

  • Shovels and rakes

  • Gloves, boots, and other outdoor-only clothing items

  • Seeds, sod, et cetera

How can I organize my lawn and garden tools into one neat space?

  • Use a special slat wall and tongue-in-groove channels to hold your garden tools on hooks or in chrome baskets.

  • Place small shovels and hand tools in chrome baskets or on tool racks within your slat wall.

  • Include your landscaping turf and sod tools and other equipment on lower level shelving.

  • Accommodate tall items like ladders, rakes, and hoes with an overhead rack.

  • Install overhead ceiling storage shelves for seasonal odds and ends like your annual seeds, plant food, and supplies.

With lawn and garden activities still being a favorite hobby—and Americans spending over $47 billion on lawn and garden materials last year—it’s a great time to organize a section of your garage especially for these items.

Customizing Your Garage Storage Space

If you’re thinking about how to set up your garage storage so everything’s convenient and accessible for you and your family, you may want to consider seeking the help of a professional. Whether you are a car lover, fitness and outdoors buff, or a lawn and garden enthusiast, chances are you could use some help planning, designing, and installing your custom garage storage stations.

When you’re ready to finalize your garage storage space plans and include custom-designed hobby stations in your new and improved garage, consider a local manufacturer. Manufacturers who are also custom designers can meet with you, design a plan, and implement a custom solution you will love—and get the job done far more efficiently and effectively than one person could do alone.

A custom garage storage designer will help you organize your garage into a handy workout, hobby, or storage area that your entire family can appreciate. Imagine it—no more cluttered mess! Just a joyful, active garage space with the perfect layout for your life and your needs.

If you’d like some support with organizing your garage storage and need custom solutions, contact us—or, feel free to schedule a free design consultation today.


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