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How to Eliminate Closet Clutter with Custom Organization Solutions

5 minute read, by Closet America, on Aug 29, 2019

When determining how to eliminate closet clutter, the best solutions are ones that are customized to fit your closet and your style.

Trying to decide what to wear in the morning can be a grueling process, especially when your closet needs some serious decluttering and organization. You may have tried traditional large dressers and hanging clothes by color all in one location, but often, that also becomes a real hassle. 

When you are trying to determine how to eliminate closet clutter and find a solution that works long-term, incorporating individual, customized sections into your closet can help. 

Whether your closet is a large walk-in or a small reach-in, dividing your space into separate areas such as your drawer boxes, accessory compartments, shelving with pull-out bins, and hanging rods will help you on your journey to creating easy access to your morning attire. Incorporating wardrobe lifts can assist you even more in getting ready to go every day!

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How to Eliminate Closet Clutter in a Few Simple Steps

When considering how to organize your closet, there are a number of ways to clear the clutter. 

Start with the obvious, and then work toward a more permanent solution.

  • Eliminate clothing you don’t need. First, get rid of any items of clothing or accessories you simply don’t need or wear any longer. A local charity will appreciate your kind offering.

  • Group clothing by type. Organize hanging dresses and shirts according to the type and frequency of wear. Further sort out accessories, undergarments, and other items by purpose. 

  • Draft a design of what your closet will ultimately look like. Incorporate key sections you’ll want for every aspect of your attire and predetermine what items will go on what shelves. A drafted or 3-D model of your closet will help you picture a clutter-free future.

By deciding upfront what clothing you will keep and the drawer boxes, accessories compartments, shelves, hanging rods, and wardrobe lifts you will need, you’ll be well-equipped to finally begin eliminating closet clutter forever. 

Incorporate Drawer Boxes

When trying to tame closet chaos, incorporating a dresser with multiple drawers will serve well as an area for organizing your undergarments, socks, miscellaneous tank tops, and swimwear. 

Fully-framed drawer boxes work very well especially when they are made with quality materials and are constructed properly. 

  • Everyone needs a drawer for their undergarment collection. This is where you can keep your slips or boxers, shapewear, and underwear together.

  • Socks—mismatched or not—should be placed together in an area where you can quickly access them.

  • Undershirts, tank tops, and bras are all best kept in drawer boxes.

  • Swimwear tends to get scattered easily. Tops get separated from bottoms, while other suits and accessories may be packed away in boxes as seasonal wear. When you select a special drawer for swimsuits, you’ll be ready to go swimming anytime—at a hotel for a weekend excursion or outdoors when the weather is right.

Designate Clear Compartments for Special Purses and Accompaniments

Perhaps you have a special purse that you only use when you go to a nice restaurant, concert, or engagement, or a favorite hat you like to wear on the way to work every day. A clear compartment lets you keep your high-end accessories visible but also fresh and free of wear and tear. When creating these areas, keep in mind:

  • The best solutions are durable. That goes for both your containers and the rest of your closet! To ensure everything is made from the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials, be sure to work with a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on custom closet components.

  • A good organizational system is one that facilitates easy access. By including simple access doors and knobs into your accessories-only compartments, you’ll ensure your luxury items are always within easy reach for that important, last-minute engagement.

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Place Adjustable Shelves with Individualized Bins for Odds and Ends

It’s helpful to include odds and ends in separate, organized bins on adjustable shelves. These may include items such as scarves and belts that you wear frequently or infrequently. Sturdy, adjustable shelves will enable you to:

  • Store less frequently used items out of the way. Seasonal or special occasion clothes and accessories you use only once in a while can be placed on higher-level shelving, where they’ll be out of the way but easy to find when you do need them.

  • Organize different types of items in different sections. Shelves are great for organizing by season and adjust according to daily or weather-appropriate use. Daily-wear items should be on eye level and on lower shelves, while seasonal items are best on upper shelves. Organize these shelves by heavy and light sweaters, pants and jeans, and fitness and workout gear which may include sweats, workout suits, shorts, sweat-proof attire, and even tennis shoes.

Adjustable shelves help you to be sure you are not bending or stretching to reach what you need when you need it. Be sure to use durable shelving that will not bend or sag when holding your items so you can enjoy your closet for many years to come.

Make Use of Hanging Rods and Wardrobe Lifts

Hanging rods and wardrobe lifts can also help you organize shirts, dresses, and other hanging clothing. These should be organized by height according to what you wear regularly and what you wear once in a while. 

Wardrobe lifts enable you to utilize your upper closet spaces you may not otherwise be able to access. You just pull the hanging rod down, determine the clothing you need, and release a lever to return the rod in place. Wardrobe lifts are not easily constructed or installed, so you may wish to work with a custom closet organizer who can determine the best way to incorporate one into your unique closet space. 

A wardrobe lift with hanging rods can also help with designing a closet space for family members with limited mobility.

An Expert Closet Designer Can Help Eliminate Closet Clutter for Good

So, when you are attempting to gather your wardrobe in the morning and thinking of how to eliminate closet clutter and stress, you may be asking yourself: how can I even get started? 

If you’re not sure of your carpentry skills or whether the solutions you have in mind provide optimal use of your space, you may want to consider scheduling a free consultation with a professional custom closet designer who can create a tailored space that will eliminate all your closet hassles once and for all. Solutions that truly work long-term for organizing decluttering a closet often require the expertise of someone who understands closet design on a deeper level and can provide sturdy closet components to incorporate into your closet, whether it’s a big walk-in or a tiny closet tucked under the stairs.

Special drawer boxes, compartments for accessories, individualized shelves for odds and ends, hanging rods, and wardrobe lifts will help you actually enjoy choosing your morning attire—not just today, but every day! 

If you’re ready to eliminate closet clutter once and for all, don’t wait—contact us to learn more about our innovative custom closet systems, or schedule your free design consultation today to get started right away!

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