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How to Reduce Clutter in Your Ho-Ho-Home

2 minute read, by Closet America, on Nov 4, 2015

It’s that time of year again when families come together, the smell of warm gingerbread cookies fills a home, and there seems to be a holiday party every day of the week.

While the holiday season can bring great joy and fun, the extra hustle and bustle can create clutter and a disorganized home if you’re unprepared. To best enjoy this holiday season, keep your home neat and tidy. Read these steps below to learn how.

Donations Before Decorations

Before bringing out the decorative pumpkins or hanging up the mistletoe, take a moment to sort through your holiday decorations and resist the urge to over-accumulate.

Set aside the decorations you can’t live without (we’re thinking of the ornaments your children painted) and box up the ones that you no longer care for. Consider swapping decorations with a friend or donating unused items to your local shelter.

Once you have everything sorted, give your home a good cleaning to make it shine as brightly as your holiday ornaments.

Take Inventory

We all have the tendency to purchase supplies during the post-holiday season super-sales, so chances are you already have that roll of wrapping paper hidden in your closet from last year.

Make a list of what you already have to avoid duplicate products. Knowing exactly what you’ll need will help you save time at the store and keep money in your pocket.

Keep the items you already have in a highly visible place instead of stashing them back in the closet. When it comes time to wrap the presents, you’ll know exactly where, and how much, of something you have.

Reinvent Your Clutter

Families and clutter are drawn to the kitchen like magnets. While family is most welcome, stacks of miscellaneous paper are not. Instead of letting holiday cards and recipes overtake your countertop, organize them into a decoration of their own. Ribbon card holders or an arrangement of tree branches offer the perfect opportunity to showcase the season’s greetings.  

Reindeer in the Professionals

If the thought of organizing your home before the holidays gives you the scrooges, think about calling in the pros. The designers at Closet America can create a unique organizational system that can help keep your home looking its best all year long.

Whether it’s the hallway walk-in where you stash the wrapping paper or the utility room, the right design can help keep your holidays clutter-free.

That’s A Wrap

After the holiday merry comes to an end, unfortunately it’s time to put everything away. Take pictures of your decorations for an easy-to-follow example, and be sure to store your decorations in a way that keeps them looking shiny and new.   

Taking time to organize your home might not be on your wish list this season, but keep in mind that an organized home is the best way to enjoy the magic of the holiday season. 

To learn more about Closet America’s amazing closet organization systems and see some of our beautiful designs, check out our closet ideas and design guide here. To meet one of our professional closet designers call 800-747-3217 to schedule your FREE design consultation.

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