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How to organize a closet for two

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 19, 2016

You walk into your closet on a Friday morning to notice your spouse’s clothes have crossed that invisible line you set when you bought the home. On the floor, dress shirts lay scattered, so it’s less his and hers and more a total cluster. For the fifth day in a row, your eyes glaze over as you scan the small room for a wearable outfit. Sounds like it’s time to work together on a joint storage solution.

To start, the best way to create your own his and hers space is to think about each other’s needs. Recognize what’s important to your partner. Is it a collection of handbags or an assortment of ties? And what items does he or she have trouble finding a home for? When you figure out this list, it’s time to get creative. Of these items, there are a few classics that stay perpetually disheveled in closets across America.

Tie it up

The tie is a staple in the closets of most professionals. It is also a common and practical gift for a man in the workplace, so a collection accumulates fast. The tie is the first item of clothing that comes off after a long workday. The question here is where that tie lands, and your closet partner might have a different answer than you.

There are two key storage solutions for ties. If you’re the hanging type, you might explore options for a customized tie rack that hangs the ties in a way that works for you. Would you like to drape the tie, knot it, or clip it? This matters, because you will be more likely to follow through with your storage choice if it fits your personal style.

Another option is the tie drawer. To keep your ties from becoming intertwined and wrinkled, make the drawer compartmentalized into squares, so you can roll the ties up neatly in their own holding place.

Find a home for your accessories

Whether pushed up to the top of a closet or strewn across the floor, purses and shoes present a unique problem for couples hoping to happily share their closet space. This is the problem of the falling bag and tripped-over shoe. Shelving is key to solving these safety hazards.

Proper shelving can provide a home for your bags and shoes that will keep them in great condition, within reach, and out of the way. Cubbies are a great way to add functionality and ease to your shelving solution. Never search on your knees for a matching shoe again. Your shoes will stay paired in their designated cubbies. They must have been on to something in elementary school.

Throw it in the bin

If you aren’t the fold-your-underwear type, bins might be for you. They are an easily accessible way to hide clutter.  Dump your boxers in a bin, set it on a shelf and blindly reach in the next morning. Socks are the same! Pair your socks when they come out of the dryer, and later, pull out your bin to find your favorite pair. A single location will equal less stress for your better half.

Next steps

Customizing your storage solutions to your lifestyle also means making them work for the people you love. Closet America can help you innovate to make your closet functional by addressing some of the most hot-button storage issues in your relationship. Whether it’s ties or purses, there is a way to achieve closet harmony with your significant other.

To learn more about Closet America’s amazing closet organization systems and see some of our beautiful designs, check out our closet ideas and design guide here. To meet one of our professional closet designers call 800-747-3217 to schedule your FREE design consultation.

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