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How to Keep Your Entryway Clean & Tidy All Winter Long

2 minute read, by Closet America, on Feb 5, 2016

It’s mid-winter, and you’re watching your children build the snowman of the century. You look on as they carefully wrap a scarf around its neck and place a carrot where a nose should be. When they finish, they turn to you, and you smile in approval. But suddenly you realize what’s coming next: a mad-dash back inside where a cup of hot cocoa awaits. They’ll kick off their snow boots, tear off their jackets, scarves, and gloves, and leave a fresh blanket of snow on your recently cleaned floor. Suddenly, the idea of hibernation sounds incredibly appealing.

But instead of sleeping the winter away, take the time to winterize your home’s entryway. That way, the next time your kids decide to build a snowman, your entryway will start (and stay!) as winter-friendly as possible. Take a look at our tips below to get started.

Begin At The Bottom

Covered in snow, salt, water, or mud—your winter boots are to blame for transporting winter’s messy aspects inside your entryway and home. To minimize the mess, take off your boots as soon as you enter the door and place them on a boot tray or rubber mat. Consider stowing either option under a small shelf, wall hooks, or bench to create a streamlined, cohesive appearance.

Make It Theirs

Whether you have a large family or are organizing for two, categorizing your family’s winter gear by the person instead of the item is a guaranteed way to manage the clutter. If you have space, consider installing cubbies and assign one to each family member, so they know where to hang their jackets and place their boots. Doing so will create a more organized look and make getting out the door a little easier as well.

To further maximize your space, invest in bins and baskets that can slide into divided shelves or cubbies. Placing smaller items—like mittens and hats—in bins and baskets will help prevent misplacements.

Hang Around

If you don’t have space to accommodate a cubby for each family member, fear not: there’s still a way to stay organized. Consider installing a set of hooks along the entryway wall for an easy and inexpensive way to keep your winter gear organized and off the floor. Hooks are perfect for hanging jackets, scarves, and bags as you enter your home, and will likely help remove clutter from other rooms as well. Finish off the look by placing a mat or tray on the floor below to catch any remaining winter-weather residue.

Check Your Habits

While there are various organizational systems available, it’s important to observe how your family enters and exits your home. Do they come in through the garage? Or do they prefer the front door? Understanding your family’s patterns—and how much space you have—ultimately helps you create a more organized, winterized entryway.

Enter At Your Own Pace

Whether it’s a set of hooks, individual cubbies, or a simple shoe mat, the designers at Closet America understand the importance of a functional—and organized—entryway. From making snow angels in the front yard to warm cookies by the fireplace, winter should be a time of cozy joy. Choosing the right organizational system for your entryway can help you, and your family, enjoy all the snow days to come.

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