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Homes for Sale Are Scarce in Northern Virginia: Use These Updates to Further Increase Your Selling Value

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Mar 6, 2017

With prices and demand high in the Northern Virginia housing market, there’s no time like the present for some eye-catching custom renovations to increase your property value.

With every administration change in Washington, the housing market in Northern Virginia tends to enter a state of major flux. But because 2017 is looking like a strong seller’s market already, with rising home prices and healthy demand, now’s a good time to take action if you’ve been thinking about putting your home on the market.

Even if you’re not quite ready to sell, I’d suggest that you start making renovations now to increase your property value and make your listing all the more appealing to incoming NoVA residents. From the garage and foyer to the master closet, you can add storage features that will leave a lasting impression on homebuyers—and, as an added bonus, you’ll get to enjoy those features yourself until you’re ready to part ways with your home.

Improve Your Storage Areas

I’ve seen too many neglected basements and garages to count, and the truth is, if your home has lots of clean, well-organized storage space, it’s going to stand out. Lack of storage is one of the most frustrating aspects of homeownership for potential buyers. And I think this might be especially true across the greater DC area, where space tends to be such a perennial issue.

Adding built-in custom cabinets opens up so many possibilities for your basement or garage.  When homeowners tour the space, they’ll be able to envision where they’ll put their family’s soccer cleats, baseball mitts, and seasonal decor. Most homebuyers need a little bit of help imagining how to use empty spaces—that’s why the staging business is booming. But renovating your storage areas to incorporate custom cabinetry can help fulfill this same purpose.

Make Use of Your Entryway

Making a good first impression is important. I remember moving my family into a new home back when my kids were young: we were so excited about the wooden swingset that the homeowners were leaving behind for us. That playset completely sold both of my kids on this house from day one—and a mudroom can have the same effect on adult homebuyers.

This feature allows you to keep your entryway decluttered, saving you (and your potential buyers) the hassle of cleaning up every single day. It gives you an organizational system for depositing boots, coats, and scarves that tends to be especially useful as you handle seasonal changes in weather. A custom unit featuring seating, shelving, and hanging space can be compact enough to fit unobtrusively into your entryway. And with a coat hook for each family member and a bench seat for putting on shoes, you have an extra built-in closet in your foyer that makes it easy for your home to look put-together in an instant.

Make Your Master Closet the Star of the Home Tour

Real estate agents tend to have a specific plan of action when showing houses: they save the best for last. And when that element is the master closet, they’ve got a pretty powerful lure. In fact, homebuyers this year seem willing to pay for additional storage, meaning that a custom closet is likely to be a worthwhile investment.

It’s the showroom effect all over again. Walking in and seeing beautiful LED lights illuminating valet rods, wardrobe lifts, gorgeous laminate finishes, beautifully organized shoe shelves, and other enticing features will end each showing on a high note, regardless of whether you’re trying to attract career-minded couples with sizeable work wardrobes or growing families that just want as much storage space as possible.

Benefits like these allow you exceptional negotiating power, which, combined with the fantastic seller’s market in Northern Virginia, means now is a good time to put plans in place. If you’re ready to start improving your home value today, schedule your free design consultation. We’d love to help you craft eye-catching, spacious storage solutions for your entire home.


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