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Hobby Room Design Ideas: Inspiration for Better Organization

6 minute read, by Closet America, on May 19, 2021

All too often, we don’t take enough time out of our day to do what truly makes us happy. But what if you have a dedicated hobby room that offers every reason to enjoy the activities you really love?

Hobbies are matters of the heart and preference. Hobby room design, however, is a matter of clever insight—that’s where custom design comes into play. Below, our expert designers share a bit of their own insight by providing hobby room design ideas that will help you create a space you’ll love for the activities you love to enjoy.

Hobby Room Design Ideas

Hobby room design ideas for activities such as reading, sports and fitness, music, crafting, and even social media can help you narrow down your best option for creating a new hobby room design or remodeling an existing room. 

Designing a New Hobby Room

There are hobbies and then there are family hobbies. Sometimes, it’s nice to have your own quiet space to retreat for enjoying your favorite activities. Other times, it’s nice to gather together in one common place for a shared family activity.


When you don’t currently have a hobby room and would like to implement one, here are some ideas, along with creative hobby room design customization suggestions.

  • Reading. Cozying up with a book can definitely give you peace after a long day at work. As reading is enjoyed by individuals and families, it’s a hobby that demands a sacred place to escape all the world’s noise. That’s where a reading room with custom book shelving comes in handy. You can even form an online or family book club. A dovetail dresser will provide drawer space for notes, a tablet, pens, and even book club snacks.

DESIGN TIP: Use one section of the room for books and materials and a square open area of your room as a comfortable nook where you can include a loveseat and beanbags.

  • Gaming. Custom entertainment centers for media and gaming offer just the right custom design element for organizing your online video games and game systems. Games are available for all ages and preferences so you can set up for personal play or family play. Whatever you decide, a custom-designed entertainment center can hold all your gaming equipment, as well as traditional card decks and board games. 


DESIGN TIP: Set up a chess or checkers station in a corner of the room atop a dovetail dresser where drawers can be used for storing the game as needed.

  • Sports and Fitness. Whether you walk, run, do weight training, or are just looking for a general workout space, you may have an extra room that would be perfect for this type of activity. You can relieve stress by placing a custom workout bench in your room along with storage shelving and bins underneath. Store your walking and running shoes on adjustable shelving units, as well as your AirPods and other workout accessories.


DESIGN TIP: Use precise closet measurement guidelines to effectively measure this space, especially if you have a large treadmill or workout equipment.

  • Writing. If you’re a freelancer, a hobbyist, or even a telecommuter, a custom home office will help you with the combination of a hobby room and quiet office space you need to write to your heart’s content. For optimal organization, create a custom adjustable bookshelf for organizing materials related to your writing and highlighting inspirational items that promote your creativity.


DESIGN TIP: A desk is often the central focus of any writing space. A custom-built desk tailored to perfectly fit your style, your needs, and your space can be an ideal means of making the most of this type of hobby (or work) room.

  • Music and Dancing. Whether you’re singing or playing an instrument or dancing, music is a beautiful way to explore your gifts and talents. You can set up a room for mastering your skills with a custom closet for storing your musical instruments or dance apparel.


DESIGN TIP: A rectangular room works well for dancing or playing instruments, allowing plenty of arm space to enjoy your talent. For a studio appearance, use adjustable shelving in the entry of the room, keeping the main area open.


These ideas are perfect for transforming an underutilized extra bedroom, bathroom, or other room into a brand-new hobby room. But what if you’re looking to remodel an existing hobby room instead?

Remodeling an Existing Hobby Room

If you’re the creative type, you may also be one to get overrun in your hobby room by supplies and materials. That’s where creative design can help. Below, we’ve collected some ideas for a few of the most common hobby rooms we’ve seen in the past:

  • Social Media Room. What used to be called a study may now become your social media room. With social media on the rise, create a zero-waste and eco-friendly home office. This will be a great place to start a new project, like a Youtube channel or a blog about our environment and green issues. 


DESIGN TIP: Transform your stuffy old study into a social media room and home office for two. Then, you can share the space with a loved one.

  • TV or Movie Room. Remodeling a spare room into a cozy movie viewing room complete with a custom entertainment center for hiding away your snacks, movies, and accessories will create a great retreat for you or your family.


DESIGN TIP: Add a few adjustable shelves for displaying your favorite movie memorabilia or collectible editions.

  • Craft or Sewing Room. Custom cabinetry with decorative pops of color behind glass doors serves well in this space for storing materials and displaying your treasures, along with cubbies for organizing your crafts and materials. 


DESIGN TIP: Consider more home office arrangement ideas for setting up your craft and sewing room similar to an office with large, custom desktop space.

  • Collections Room. When you’re surrounded by your collectibles, it’s fun to see all you have collected over the years. But when everything is in a disarray, that’s when you need to use custom shelves and cabinetry or a built-in media center to organize your coins, antiques, cards, figurines, or other treasures in a safe space.


DESIGN TIP: Glass-fronted cabinets can offer an ideal means of showing off your precious collectibles while protecting them from gathering dust and fingerprints.


  • Combination Hobby Room for Families.  When your family is into many different hobbies, and you want to accommodate a reader and a writer, an artist and a photographer, or any other combination, you may need multiple custom design tools.


DESIGN TIP: Take a survey of everyone’s needs in your family and determine a 3D design with a custom designer for how your remodeled room could look, transforming it to meet all of your custom design needs.


Whatever your chosen individual or family hobby may be, you’ll likely need some help with putting your hobby room design ideas into action. That’s where a custom designer can help you with implementation.

Implementing Your Best Hobby Room Ideas

Hobbies can be a fun way to get some “me” time, or an excellent way to spend quality time together with friends or family. Whatever your preference, the hobby room ideas above can help you get a handle on creating a space that’s ideally suited to whatever hobby (or hobbies) you enjoy most.


But unless remodeling is your hobby, it may be best to seek out experienced professional designers to help you with this particular project. A good custom designer and manufacturer can help you envision the best layout for your hobby room—and then realize that vision with high-quality pieces and professional installation services. And when all is said and done, you’ll be left with more room—and more time—for doing what you love most.


Your hobby room is just a call away! Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation and get started on this exciting new project—and new chapter of your life.


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