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Give Your Front Hall Closet a Makeover With These Custom Upgrades

4 minute read, by Closet America, on Jan 30, 2020

Looking to give your front hall closet a makeover? Here are some inspiring entry closet makeover and design ideas to make it happen.

You know how sometimes in the middle of winter—especially a cold, dark, slushy, Washington, DC sort of winter—you need something new to brighten up your home? It can’t just be any old thing; it needs to be something that’ll remind you again of the warm, tidy life you love, and spark that inner glow even when you’re coated in salt and grit and you’re three-quarters frozen.

Coming home to a fresh, new front hall closet, for example, might be just the ticket. After all, they say your hall closet is a window into your psyche. At Closet America, we have everything you need for a front hall closet makeover, including some inspiring design ideas for closet upgrades.

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The Front Hall Closet Makeover That’s Right for You

Front hall closets tend to be small and crowded or just poorly designed. You may have noticed it yourself. In any case, a visualization exercise will help you improve your closet. Try picturing that space empty, and think of the things you want to put in it. The closet you imagine will probably fall into one of a few fundamental types:

The Minimalist Closet

Maybe you’d like a light, airy front closet with coats and shoes and nothing more. From a design point of view, that’s an easy one. A sturdy stainless-steel rod and a row (or a few rows) of shoe shelves will have you set up with no muss, no fuss. If you have a lot of shoes, you can use a wardrobe lift to keep the coats out of the way while you build the shoe shelves upward.

There may be practical questions to deal with though. You may have things in the front hall closet that will have to be relocated, so you have to have a new home ready for them, too. And if the closet has become somewhat cluttered, that may be a problem. After deciding what can be weeded out and discarded or donated, you may have to consider addressing the untapped storage potential in the garage or other closets to free space in the front hall closet. If the closet has too many coats, for example, you’ll probably want to keep off-season items in your master closet.

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The Maximalist Closet

There are things besides coats and shoes that you might logically want to keep in the front hall closet: hats, gloves, scarves, clothes, shoe brushes, umbrellas, pet toys and leashes, and probably a few more things besides. That’s why it’s important to start with that visualization exercise first. You can do some amazing things with a small closet, believe it or not.

Consider what needs to be closer to hand—an umbrella or the dog’s leash? Will your scarves be folded and stacked on adjustable shelves or hung on a retractable rod? Those additional storage systems will usually be located on one side of the coats or in that awkward space underneath the coats. You might also want a hanging organizer or chrome hooks on the back of the door for that leash, umbrella, and so on.

The Really Full Closet

In some houses, that clutter in the closet is put there intentionally. You may have a collection so big that it spills over all the way into the front hall closet. Maybe you’d like to have a stack of customized drawers to hold your duplicate coins or mineral samples. You can make it look gorgeous with high-quality drawers that have features such as

  • 5/8-inch birch wood boxes

  • dovetailing construction

  • beveled edge banding

  • bottom-mounted slides for full extension

That high, inaccessible shelf would be just the place for a locked cabinet. A locker in the back with a door on it could serve the same purpose (whatever it may be).

It could be that you need some approximation of a mudroom. It’s hard to say who doesn’t need one. Chrome baskets for the kids’ stuff might usher in a whole new era of orderliness and peaceful coming and going in your household.

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Good Design is the Key to Closet Joy

A front hall closet makeover has to be skillfully designed to make the most of your organizational opportunities there. We strongly recommend getting expert advice before you finalize your front closet makeover plans—the professionals might know a few tricks that you’ll want to incorporate into your plans.

You can schedule a free consultation with a Closet America specialist to talk over your goals for your front hall closet makeover. When you meet with the consultant, you can see you an interactive 3D model of your closet design as it will look after customization, using CAD technology.

Once you have the design worked out, we can create your organization system to your individual specifications using the highest quality materials and engineering. Our three-step production process provides you the best custom closet and the best customer experience possible, from design to installation and beyond, with our transferrable warranty and lifetime service guarantee.

You can begin brightening up your front hall closet anytime by contacting Closet America to set up your free design consultation.

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