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Custom Mirrored Wardrobe Ideas to Elevate Your Bedroom

3 minute read, by Closet America, on Dec 22, 2022

Mirrored wardrobes can add style, functionality, convenience, and elegance to your bedroom. While the use of mirrors is associated with modern design styles, you might be surprised at the variety of mirrored wardrobe ideas out there and how they can complement any space. Additionally, when you design a custom wardrobe with mirrors, you will also have a lot of customizable options for storage solutions inside of it. This is why they’re perfect for you and your unique way of organizing.

Unsure if a mirrored wardrobe is right for your space? Here, we’ll be going over the variety of benefits they offer, along with some mirrored wardrobe design ideas so you can decide if you should add one to your bedroom.

Benefits of Mirrored Wardrobes

When you’re either getting ready in the morning or trying on different outfits for a fun night out, mirrored wardrobes can make things easier for you. With most of your things in one location, you can take clothes out, try them on, and see how you look without having to move. No more rushing between your bedroom and bathroom or hallway mirror to pick out the perfect outfit. Sure, you could have a standalone mirror in your bedroom. However, it’ll take up more space than if you were to simply add a mirror to an existing wardrobe. A standalone mirror also wouldn’t be as multi-functional as a mirrored wardrobe.

Mirrored wardrobes will also make your space feel bigger and thus more comfortable. Mirrors have also been proven to trick the mind into thinking a space is bigger than it actually is and help it to therefore feel less cramped. Moreover, you can work with designers to create a mirrored wardrobe that’s angled in just the right way to give the illusion of added depth to your room.

Mirrors not only make a space feel bigger – but they can also make a space feel brighter as well! Mirrored wardrobes reflect light around your room and can therefore help to give it a more open feel. This is an especially great benefit for those who don’t get a lot of natural light in their bedroom. If your space feels dark and drab, you should consider some of these mirrored wardrobe ideas to enhance the feel and function of your space.

Mirrored Wardrobe Ideas

Mirrored wardrobes have a variety of custom options available for you to choose from to help your space reach its full potential. We picked out a few of the most popular options available to highlight below:

  • Mirrored sliding door: When it comes to mirrored wardrobe ideas, the mirrored sliding door is a classic. While they’ll work in just about any space, mirrored sliding doors are especially great for small bedrooms because they don’t have swinging doors on hinges that would require a certain amount of space for clearance.
  • Armoire with mirror: Like the benefits of mirrored wardrobes but don’t want to add a built-in wardrobe to your bedroom? An armoire with a mirror is the perfect solution! It gives you all the benefits of a mirrored wardrobe while not being a permanent feature in your space.
  • Large decorative mirrors: If you want to go super-modern with your mirrored wardrobe or really want to maximize the benefits mirrors provide, we recommend a custom mirror wardrobe with large decorative mirrors. It’ll make a statement in your room, too!

Have you been inspired to add a mirrored wardrobe to your bedroom so you can experience all these benefits for yourself? Contact the closet design experts at Closet America today! We’ll work with you to design a custom storage solution that’s equal parts functional and aesthetically pleasing so you can enjoy the benefits of mirrored wardrobes for years to come.

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